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90 Day Fiance: After Love in Paradise, what happened to Amber and Daniel

90 Day Fiance: After Love in Paradise, what happened to Amber and Daniel
90 Day Fiance: After Love in Paradise, what happened to Amber and Daniel

There was a chaotic relationship between Amber Graney and Daniel Salazar in 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise season 1, and their journey continued in season 2. A number of obstacles were overcome by the couple in the inaugural season of the spin-off, showing that finding love in paradise can be a difficult undertaking. Social media has been a great source of information about Amber and Daniel's new marriage.

On season one of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, the couple had to overcome numerous obstacles. Due to Daniel's loss of employment during the pandemic, Amber was responsible for paying for the K-1 visa process as well as providing him with financial support.

Many fans became concerned that 23-year-old Daniel was using 31-year-old Amber for money, as she also paid for him to purchase a new phone. Fans felt that she was more of a mother to Daniel than a partner when she flew down to Costa Rica to assist him with the visa process.

Daniel informed Amber that he planned to bring his mother and brother to the United States with him. This was one of the most shocking moments of season 1. The fact that he was out of a job meant that Amber would have to pay for this, and many fans were concerned that this might herald the end of their relationship.

The Love in Paradise couple was able to overcome many obstacles to obtain his K-1 visa and were able to get married in her native Floridian in 2021. The couple has been enjoying married life and continues to share updates on their Instagram account.

It has been one year since Daniel moved to the United States, and June 24 marked his first full year of living here. Aside from attending baseball games, exploring neat locations throughout the state, and working hard to strengthen their marriage, the Love in Paradise couple has also taken part in baseball tournaments.

Amber's Instagram account shows a fun side to the couple as they have a blast rollerblading together for a date night. Steven Blackett and Martine Fortune also tied the knot in 2021, and are now striving to earn a successful marriage from the hit spin-off. Love in Paradise season 2 explores the ups and downs of the couple's marriage as they learn to live together under one roof. 

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Amber expressed strong words for fans who criticized her on the show, stating that she has been struggling with "having to manage not only my mental stability but also making sure Daniel is okay as well." Her statement concluded by stating, "To be clear, I have never lost sight of my love for Daniel and our success together." The couple has assured fans throughout the entire appearance of the show that they remain very much in love and happy together.

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