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90-Day Fiance: Fired & ostracized: Alina spills the details

90-Day Fiance: Fired & ostracized: Alina spills the details
90-Day Fiance: Fired & ostracized: Alina spills the details

She spoke about her past racist posts and how she reacted to being terminated in her first sit-down interview since her time on TLC's 90 Day Fiancé franchise, which ended in controversy and caused her time on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days to be cut short.

After appearing alongside American Caleb Greenwood, Alina quickly became a fan favorite but ended up losing popularity when her old racist and insensitive posts were revealed. Many viewers were furious with Alina over the images, but she explained that she didn't understand why fans and fellow cast members turned against her.

There is an opportunity for Alina to pursue a relationship with her long-term digital friend Caleb in Season 5 of the Before the 90 Days series and to prove that people with Diastrophic Dysplasia can date just the same as anyone else.

It was true that Caleb knew Alina was a little person, but he was not prepared for the challenges that came with dating her. After speaking out against the government and being unable to buy tickets using their Russian credit cards, Caleb decided that it was better to be friends with Alina and her best friend Elijah than to be enemies, though he later helped Alina off-screen by purchasing tickets so that she and Elijah could flee Russia after they spoke out against the government and were unable to buy tickets.

Several posts that saw Alina using the N-word repeatedly and making insensitive comments about other cultures and races were slammed by fans before she was applauded for speaking out against Russia during the ongoing war. In her first sit-down interview since being fired from the 90-Day Fiancé franchise, Alina discussed being fired from the franchise. Alina discussed receiving the shocking news that TLC fired her even though she is now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Due to the drastically different culture, she did not know her words were offensive at the time. Because she never wanted to offend anyone, Alina wishes someone had told her not to use the N-word. Her own experience of discrimination was mind-blowing when she faced it for the first time in middle school. Her posts hurt people, and Alina felt bad about it.

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Alina not only received backlash from fans, but nearly the entire cast of Before the 90 Days season 5 unfollowed her after her firing. As she explained her side of the story, Alina emphasized that none of her fellow cast members responded to her messages after she asked them why they were no longer talking to her.

Despite this, she keeps in touch with Ben Rathbun's friend Jessica Siciliano. Alina said, "I like her. She's great." Alina has moved on since her heartbreak with Caleb and is now dating again after losing her friendships. Alina is looking for love in Buenos Aires while Caleb has moved on to 90 Day Diaries. Her sexual life is very private and she even kept an anonymous blog about it.

The 90-Day Fiancé franchise has allowed Alina to discuss dwarfism even though she has been panned by viewers. Having a connection with other people and helping them feel confident in their skin are two of her favorite things. It was clear to her that she was not interested in men who fetishize her or her medical condition.

It has always been her aim to show both franchise fans and followers that people with dwarfism can date just like everyone else and shouldn't be viewed differently in a romantic relationship. She asked those who are on the fence about Alina to give her a chance despite her criticism from franchise fans. Since being a part of the 90-Day Fiancé franchise, Alina has learned and matured in considerable ways.

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