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90 Day Fiance The reasons why Mohamed is the ultimate villain of Season 9

90 Day Fiance The reasons why Mohamed is the ultimate villain of Season 9
90 Day Fiance The reasons why Mohamed is the ultimate villain of Season 9

While Yvette Arellano may have fallen head over heels for Mohamed Abdelhamid on 90 Day Fiancé, many viewers consider him to be the top offender in season 9. Fans have also expressed their dislike for newcomer Bilal Hazziez, and as the season progresses, many viewers are wondering if Mohamed is even worse than Bilal.

Although Bilal is a hardworking family man who loves his kids, Mohamed is being castigated for his many undesirable qualities and lack of redeeming qualities in 90 Day Fiancé season 9.

After viewing a photo of Yve's bikini online, young Egyptian Mohamed became friends with her older American mother Yve. Even though I was almost double the age of Mohamed, the two entered into a digital relationship. Eventually, she visited him in Egypt, and the couple became engaged as a result.

The situation changed quickly, however, when Mohamed arrived in the United States and displayed a controlling attitude. As a result, he stated that Yve should submit to him and convert to Islam. However, the American woman indicated she was not interested in following Mohamed's faith. She loved her free-spirited life, which was characterized by occasional drinking and revealing clothing.

There are several reasons why 90-Day Fiancé fans dislike Mohamed. Viewers are slamming him for his position as a boss and hypocrite. Mohamed contacted Yve in response to a photograph of her bikini, however, he now expects her to live a conservative lifestyle.

Although she expressed the desire to live a relaxed lifestyle as a Western woman, he is attempting to convert her to his religion and force her to follow the rules of his Islam faith.

Yves has been asked to dress and act by Mohamed's expectations. As a result, he expressly prohibited her from being in a room alone with a man when she was with a repairman. Several viewers find such behavior to be out of character and disturbing.

As soon as Mohamed arrived, he displayed a bad attitude and was determined to control his partner. Although, 90 Day Fiancé season 9 viewers are also horrified by his strange behavior and accuse him of using Yve to obtain a Green Card. Eve appears to be eerily stoic and unaffected at all times, even when Mohamed gets teary-eyed when discussing her dream wedding.

Rather than fulfilling Yve's dream wedding, Mohamed stated that his primary goal and need is to obtain a green card. He even threatened to find a new Green Card sponsor if she did not marry him within a short period. According to viewers, Mohamed is simply using Yve to secure a better future for himself and his family.

It appears that Mohamed has not demonstrated any redeeming characteristics during season nine of 90 Day Fiancé. In this regard, he has demonstrated a tendency to be rude, selfish, and easily irritated.

Many viewers are unable to understand why Yve is with the younger man, and why she does not recognize that he is using her. Although Mohamed has numerous glaring red flags, Yve appears determined to marry him. Thus, few fans of the 90-Day Fiancé franchise can empathize with Yve's relationship problems with Mohamed, the new franchise villain

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