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90 Day The Single Life What makes Kim's son Jamal a good candidate for Season 3

90 Day The Single Life What makes Kim's son Jamal a good candidate for Season 3
90 Day The Single Life What makes Kim's son Jamal a good candidate for Season 3

There is a strong demand for the TLC channel to put Jamal Menzies on 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 after they fell in love with him on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 and Pillow Talk. His mother, cast member Kimberly Menzies, made appearances on both shows.

Kim appeared on B90 season 5 and fans were eager to see how her "potential" relationship with her younger boyfriend turned out. Fans were impressed with how much they enjoyed Jamal's appearance during the show and Tell-All. His fan base has grown as a result of his appearance on Pillow Talk with his mother.

Kim blames Jamal's father's cheating on her for her current trust issues, as Jamal is the only child she has from a previous relationship. During season 5, she flew to Tanzania to spend time with Usman as he filmed a music video, to see if they were a good match.

Kim and Usman's trip was tumultuous, and fans believed Usman was only using Kim to get more screen time. He'd appeared on the show before with Lisa 'Babygirl' Hamme, his ex-wife. Moreover, Kim was accused of acting immature and of trying to manipulate Usman into an intimate relationship.

To make their relationship work, Kim believed Usman needed to speak with Jamal via video chat and win his approval. For the Tell-All, Jamal returned in person after only appearing on video chat during the season. Fans have praised Jamal's straightforward attitude and y wish to see more of him in the future. They have given the reasons why they believe he should appear in another franchise's spin-off.

Kim attempted to pressure Usman into having sex with her during B90 season 5. Although the intimidation was unacceptable for many reasons, fans couldn't believe it when Kim included her son's name. In her opinion, Usman would not be showing Jamal respect if he did not sleep with her or make her his "official" girlfriend.

In the Tell-All, Jamal called out his mother for bringing him into a situation he never should have been in. Jamal was the first to inform Kim that this behavior was inappropriate. According to fans, he would not be ashamed of himself if he were on The Single Life. To potential partners, he has a reputation for always telling the truth.

Though Jamal was quick to criticize Kim, he never stopped showing her respect or rooting for her. During her trip to Tanzania, he served as her primary support and confidant. After Usman betrayed Kim by speaking with his ex, Zara, after she returned home, fans were moved by Jamal's comforting of his mother.

Jamal ly supportive of those he loves, and many viewers believe that he would make a great date for anyone. Those who appreciate his gentle and caring personality would enjoy watching him search for the right partner.

Jamal is considered very attractive by fans and followers, which is one of the main reasons why viewers are eager to see him more onscreen. Many members of his Instagram community comment to tell him how much they enjoy seeing him and his body. In the minds of his fans, he is known as "eye candy.".

Jamal and his mother's dynamic on Pillow Talk has been well received by viewers. Their playful, loving relationship has been emphasized in contrast to the drama they fined in Before the 90 Days. Although Kim has grown up, her immaturity and hot temper remain, and some fans believe that she can be a difficult mother-in-If

In the event that Jamal is cast and begins his search for love in 90 Day: The Single Life season 3, tensions and drama might result in a result. There is a lot of excitement for the next season of the spin-off, and fans look forward to seeing more of Jamal and Kim.

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