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A new 90 Day Fiance video raises concerns about Angela's health

A new 90 Day Fiance video raises concerns about Angela's health
A new 90 Day Fiance video raises concerns about Angela's health

TLC's Happily Ever After stars Angela Deem? Georgia woman's new video makes fans think she's sick in season 7. Fans are worried about Angela Deem's health after watching a video featuring the controversial cast member. With 56, Angela is one of the most recognized names to emerge from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Angela starred in the spin-off with Michael Ilesanmi, whom she met on Facebook. Angela was almost 20 years older than Michael, but the distance and age gap didn't matter to them.

Angela flew to Lagos to meet Michael in her introductory season despite warnings from her friends and family. Despite Michael's desire to marry Angela for a Green Card, fans felt pity for him. Angela was angry and loud toward Michael and showed insecurity after he admitted to cheating on her. Michael also wanted a baby, but Angela was too old to give him one. Despite trust issues, money, and egg-toting, Angela and Michael got married in Nigeria in January 2020.

Their happiness didn't last long as Angela had to fly back home to see her ailing mother, and then the pandemic prevented them from meeting for over two years. Angela got a gastric sleeve surgery, liposuction, and a breast reduction followed by augmentation to lose weight and look young for Michael. What's Michael and Angela's relationship status after 90 Day Fiancé? Tell-All season 6 has confused many. Soon, fans will see them on Happily Ever After? season 7. Angela's Instagram account has been gaining traction amid the anticipation.

Angela posted a video on her Instagram stories that were reposted on a Reddit thread by u/femme_fatale2022. During the clip, Angela pouted for the camera and used audio that seemed to ask, “Who's the daddy now? Fans were not initially drawn to Angela's youthful appearance, which may have been due to the filter. I'm not trying to be rude. What's on her lip? Kimyadon asked. Another suggested nicotine stain. TLC viewer Big-Tomatillo-5920 suggested Angela instead get her lips checked by a medical professional rather than spending all her money on cosmetic procedures.

"It's a smoke burn," said user MissOrgazma, explaining that it occurs when one smokes without a filter. It's not common for cigarette smokers to get them, but they weren't sure how Angela got them. Fans have come to associate Angela with fellow franchise alum Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva whenever she shares selfies with extreme filters. The doctors she has consulted on 90 Day Fiancé for her weight loss and cosmetic procedures have asked Angela to stop smoking for years.

Angela hasn't given up the cancer stick she's been smoking since she was a teenager. Angela's fans may give her grief for her behavior in the franchise, but they wish her the best. It may be a good idea for 90 Day Fiancé star Angela herself to let them know she is hale and hearty in a new update.

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