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A recap of 'The Bold and the Beautiful': Ridge and Taylor travel to Monaco

A recap of 'The Bold and the Beautiful': Ridge and Taylor travel to Monaco
A recap of 'The Bold and the Beautiful': Ridge and Taylor travel to Monaco

Deacon Sharpe visits Taylor Hayes in her office at the beginning of The Bold and the Beautiful. A Monaco clinic is treating Steffy Forrester, Taylor informs him. Ridge Forrester and she are flying to Monaco, she informs Deacon. In addition, she tells Deacon that they shouldn't see each other anymore when she returns.

Despite being stunned, Deacon says he'll respect Taylor's wishes if that's what she wants. Despite her assurances, Deacon concludes that it's because of Ridge, not his past. Taylor says she's trying not to fall in love with Ridge, but he asks if she's still in love with him. Their children are involved, and she wants peace and no conflict.

Taylor, according to Deacon, is being unfairly treated. Taylor's life is no longer under Ridge's control since Brooke Logan is back with him. He asks if she's sure she doesn't want the trip or if she's hoping it will reignite their relationship. As Taylor becomes flustered, she informs Deacon that she must leave for her trip.

Forrester Creations is finishing up work before leaving for the airport. His private jet awaits Taylor's arrival; she apologizes for being late; she had to finish some work at the office. They discuss Steffy as they prepare to take off; Taylor doesn't understand why Steffy needed to mask her emotions. The Forrester way is the way they do things, but they can overcome anything.

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John "Finn" Finnegan wakes up as Sheila Carter paints her nails. It's hard for her to sedate him, but Finn gets himself worked up and needs to relax. Finn tells Sheila that if she cared, she would let him go. Steffy and Li prevented Sheila from being close to Finn. The women are to blame for pushing her over the edge and causing this destruction.

It is Li who is wearing a new pair of clothes at Bill Spencer's house. Bill brings her coffee and comments that she looks better. In response to his question, she doesn't reveal her name. His confidence in today's breakthrough leads him to talk about his favorite subject, himself.

Bill brings up his sons, and Li storms out upset. Scott Clifton's son Liam Spencer arrives and asks about this woman. Bill's kindness is odd to Liam, he says. In the past, Bill has done many good deeds, but dealing with this woman is different; he must help her. The woman could be dangerous, and Liam warns Bill to shut up. Li tells Bill that he's trying hard to gain her trust. As Li overhears the conversation, he returns to the room.

Upon recognizing Li, Liam tells Bill that she is Finn's mother. Bill is shocked to meet Li for the first time. Her name was not given to him, so he asks why. During her showdown with Sheila and the car crash, Li has flashbacks. Liam tells Li that everyone knows Sheila killed Finn. Liam blurts out "Sheila." “Finn’s alive,” Li exclaims.

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