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A 'scathing' email sent by Jase Robertson to Duck Dynasty's producers has emerged

A 'scathing' email sent by Jase Robertson to Duck Dynasty's producers has emerged
A 'scathing' email sent by Jase Robertson to Duck Dynasty's producers has emerged

Jase Robertson recalled in an interview with TV Guide the time when he had to put his foot down to producers more than a decade after the premiere of "Duck Dynasty" on TV. The “Unashamed” podcast, which Jase Robertson was talking about with his dad, Phil, was one of the first podcasts where Jase Robertson shared that he had to send an email to producers about the production using “blips” to make the audience believe that the family was using curse words in the series.

While the cameras were on his sister-in-law, he allegedly heard her cussing multiple times. Korie was just a girl when the actor met her, according to an Instagram post. The truth is, I've never heard her say a cuss word, so let's put that to rest. There is no Duck Dynasty or other show like it. Upon discovering that the show made it seem as though she did, I sent this scathing email..."

Jase Robertson wrote in his email that he asked the higher-ups exactly what they were doing. Someone in the editing room has blipped stuff that shouldn't have been blipped. I got the response, 'Those were inserted for dramatic purposes,' because whatever she said... I appreciate your kind words, have a nice day."

The producer's statement was then reflected upon by Jase Robertson. As he began to speak, he thought, "Oh, they did that on purpose," he said. As Phil repeated "for dramatic purposes," he became increasingly frustrated.

"When they use blips, it's all about drama," Phil said. Afterward, the episode was rerun by the producers, and the blips were fixed. After the blipping incident with Korie, he joked about going to his brother's house with a bar of soap.

The Robertson family did not do Duck Dynasty for fame or fortune, says Jase Robertson. The reason Jase Robertson and his family chose to take part in "Duck Dynasty" was revealed in an interview with Game and Fish Magazine in 2016.

Jase Robertson explained that they're not doing this for fame and fortune. Our priorities are based on our faith. In our view, God, family, and ducks are the most important things in life. There's just no other way to put it. It's something the whole family enjoys doing together."

His family is filled with "crazy characters" with different personalities, Jase Robertson explains. "That dynamic makes for good television because it's funny. Picking at each other, and having fun, is what makes this relationship appealing to me. The duck hunt is just part of what we do as a family."

Jase Robertson said that people asked how he and his brother managed to end up with wives who were so beautiful. "It's funny the way people say, 'Oh these women married these guys for their money,' who are unable to realize that when they met us, we didn't have any money." Thanks to social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, many people think we married these guys just for their money.

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