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A star of 'Star Trek' and Y&R, Nichelle Nichols, passes away at the age of 89

A star of 'Star Trek' and Y&R, Nichelle Nichols, passes away at the age of 89
A star of 'Star Trek' and Y&R, Nichelle Nichols, passes away at the age of 89

The actress who portrayed communications officer Uhura in the original Star Trek series and subsequent movies has passed away. Gilbert Bell, Nichols' 15-year business partner, and talent manager, confirmed his death.  In New Mexico, Nichelle passed away. Along with becoming a fan favorite, Nichelle shared one of the first interracial kisses in television history. 

The moment occurred in 1968 when Uhura and Captain Kirk were made to kiss involuntarily by aliens who were capable of controlling the movements of humans. Although it was aired at a time of challenging circumstances, it was regarded as a groundbreaking production.

Throughout the first six Star Trek films, Nichols continued to play Uhura.  In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, he was promoted to lieutenant commander, and in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, he was promoted to full commander. The Young and the Restless featured Nichelle as Lucinda Winters, the long-lost mother of Kristoff's character Neil Winters. 

In that year, Nichols was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Guest Performer in a Daytime Drama Series.  There were heartbreaking scenes and riveting performances by Nichols and St. John in the story. It shared its condolences on Sunday with the message: "RIP Nichelle Nichols, legendary and extraordinary. It was a privilege to have her share her talent with #YR in 2016.

"Nichelle Nichols was The First," tweeted Kate Mulgrew (ex-Mary and Ryan's Hope alum). A trailblazer who navigated a very challenging trail with grace, grit, and an incredible fire we will never see again."The only person left to mourn Nichelle is her son, Kyle Johnson.  She wrote on her website, "Last night, my mother, Nichelle Nichols, passed away from natural causes.

Her light, however, will remain for us and future generations to appreciate, learn from, and take inspiration from, just as the ancient galaxies that are now being seen for the first time. Hers was a life well lived and therefore a model for all of us.

While we grieve her loss, we would appreciate your patience and forbearance until we are able to speak clearly again. Her services will be held for family members and close friends, and we ask that her and our privacy be respected. Wishing you a long and prosperous life."


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