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A top TV presenter is accused of adultery by her husband

A top TV presenter is accused of adultery by her husband
A top TV presenter is accused of adultery by her husband

A well-known sports television presenter is accused of having an adulterous affair that caused her marriage to fail by her estranged husband.

A divorce after Four long years

After four years of marriage, the presenter and her husband—who shall remain unnamed for legal reasons—separated early this year.

The presenter later filed for a divorce in the Johannesburg High Court following their split, which shocked the entertainment industry.

If her husband opposed her application, she threatened to have costs ordered against him.

They split up because they "no longer loved each other," she added in the papers.

The speaker added that they had a settlement agreement, had split amicably, and she wouldn't argue with him over how their joint estate should be divided.

Later, the presenter's husband filed court documents supporting her account of why their marriage had broken down.

He declared that he would not oppose her request for a divorce decree

However, the husband shocked everyone this week by amending his particulars of claim in the court papers and claiming that their marriage failed because of the former.

A Metro FM host had an extramarital relationship. He didn't mention the man who played him for a fool.

Because the parties are no longer compatible and haven't granted each other conjugal rights for a sizable amount of time, the marriage relationship between the parties has irretrievably broken down. It has reached such a disintegration that there is no reasonable prospect of restoring a normal marriage relationship between them.

 Due to the defendant's extramarital affair, which the plaintiff finds incompatible with a healthy relationship, the plaintiff has lost all love and affection for the defendant. Therefore, the plaintiff requests a divorce decree, according to the documents.

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