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Adam's latest self-destructive act furious Young and the Restless fans

Adam's latest self-destructive act furious Young and the Restless fans
Adam's latest self-destructive act furious Young and the Restless fans

There is a lot of punching in the air right now among Ally fans. To convince Sally that their breakup is real, Adam has taken his denial to the next level. According to Soap Hub, Adam confided in his former flame Sharon Collins (played by Sharon Case.

Grossman's real-life partner) that he would not be returning to Newman Enterprises. In response to Sharon's prodding, Adam said he let Sally go so he wouldn't impede her progress.

In "Y&R," Sally overheard his conversation and caught him red-handed. However, what happened during their confrontation left fans inconsolable. A clip from the intense scene that followed was teased by the soap opera on Twitter. Adam called Sally "pathetic" and "desperate" when she questioned Adam's motives for breaking up with her.  

Despite the bait, Sally did not take it, and what followed was one of the most passionate kisses of the daytime. Look no further if you need evidence of their unmistakable chemistry.

Several Twitter users expressed their frustration over the latest development in the relationship between Ally and Chris on the social networking site. There is a user on Twitter who says the series should highlight Mark Grossman and Courtney Hope's chemistry, writing,

"Those two have some of the best chemistry ever..not just on Y&R but on anything TV or movie. 'Y&R' and CBS need to capitalize on it and make them the faces of the show. Because damn that was a passionate kiss.".

It has been noted by many viewers that the show seemed to be hinting at a marriage between Sally Newman and Nick Newman, Adam's older brother, in a recent episode of "Y&R", according to Celebrating the Soaps.

As per She Knows Soaps, Nick's relationship history is complicated, and this would not be the first time that the soap would have explored a rivalry between the brothers as both Adam and Nick have been linked to several love interests, such as Sharon and Chelsea Lawson (played by Melissa Claire Egan).

One fan tried to send writers a message asking them not to take the show down that route, saying, "The best daytime couple in a long time. Courtney Hope & Mark Grossman are perfect in their roles. I hope the writers will work on bringing them together soon. I do not want a Sally-Nick pairing."


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