TV Series - Aug 17, 2022

An RHOBH Aspen Trip is on the way: 'Coming Soon...'

An RHOBH Aspen Trip is on the way: 'Coming Soon...'
An RHOBH Aspen Trip is on the way: 'Coming Soon...'

Kyle Richards, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has made Aspen, Colorado, her home away from home when she is not in Los Angeles. Season 12 of RHOBH will see its fair share of juicy drama, as fans will soon discover. Earlier this week, Kyle shared a photo from the trip on Instagram Stories, giving us a glimpse into what we can expect.

A group of lady cowboy hat-wearing cowgirls is pictured in the photo. A simple caption appears on the snapshot: "Coming soon..."In the midseason teaser, fans got a glimpse of what to expect on the highly anticipated trip to Aspen. There were a lot of chatter and rumors surrounding the getaway, and the midseason trailer above shows just a little of the story. Yes, more cowboy hats are on display.

Even an Ouija board makes an appearance, as Kyle asks, “Are we going to work through our issues? I guess we'll find out soon enough...We're all anxiously waiting to join the ladies for their headline-making trip to Colorado but the 90210 is still full of drama, as you'll see from the attached sneak peek.

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In the first look at Wednesday's episode, we see some shocking revelations being made at the Homeless Not Toothless charity gala, where hostess Dorit Kemsley was hoping for some laughs.In the video above, get a sneak peek at everything that's in store for RHOBH Season 12.

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