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Breaking Bad's loose ends are tied up in Better Call Saul's

Breaking Bad's loose ends are tied up in Better Call Saul's
Breaking Bad's loose ends are tied up in Better Call Saul's

When Breaking Bad ended with "Felina" in 2013, there were several loose ends to be addressed. Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who had converted from being an amateur meth maker into a drug kingpin, had been killed. 
In the film, a criminal accomplice who was once his student, Jesse Pinkman, disappeared as a wanted man but was now free. Lydia was poisoned by ricin, Uncle Jack was wiped out, and criminal lawyer Saul Goodman fled Albuquerque under an assumed identity for Omaha, Nebraska. 

Nevertheless, "Felina" left a few pressing questions unanswered. What was the outcome of Jesse's escape? How did Skyler White resolve her issues with the DEA? When DEA agents Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez arrived at a safe house to rescue Huell, what happened to him? 

Walt and Lydia's deaths will be confirmed on the news before Jesse's fate is revealed - he assembles enough cash to hire Ed the Disappearer to make a fresh start in Alaska. Meanwhile, Better Call Saul will catch up with Saul, who had taken the guise of Omaha Cinnabon manager Gene Takovic after the end of Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul's "Breaking Bad" episode ties up some loose ends by talking to Saul's former assistant, Francesca. After discovering Walt dead in a meth lab, Saul secretly contacts Francesca from a pay phone to find out just what happened back in Albuquerque. 

In the Season 5 episode of Breaking Bad, he asks Francesca about Patrick Kuby, but she has no idea what becomes of the henchman after he is hired to track down the rabid dog Jesse. 
As for Pinkman, Francesca states, "I heard they found his car by the border, so goodbye, dopehead." In El Camino, Badger ditches Jesse's car near the Mexico border in order to throw the police off his trail.

How about Huell? Breaking Bad's "To'hajiilee" opens with Hank convincing Saul's fixer that "Heisenberg" wants him dead, which pressures Huell into giving up Walt's money location. Nevertheless, Hank and Gomez would never return: they had been killed in a desert shootout with Jack's gang. 

Francesca informs Saul that Huell is back home in New Orleans. DEA had him under false pretenses, and the last I heard he had walked away." Francesca only has a biting response to his questions regarding Danny Wormald - previously seen on Better Call Saul, but only mentioned in Breaking Bad as the owner of Lazer Base laser tag - and Vamonos Pest owner Ira.

As we last saw her in Breaking Bad, Walt provided his estranged wife with her "get out of jail free" card: GPS coordinates that would guide the DEA to Hank and Gomez's bodies, buried in the desert near where Walt hid his money. Skyler told Walt in "Felina": "You give that up for an arrangement with the prosecutor. Get yourself out of this mess." 

"Skyler White got her deal," Francesca confides to Saul, "we have only you and Pinkman left to go after."  Walt passed away. Jesse has disappeared. Saul Goodman is the only person left to pursue. 

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