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Cast members of 90 Day Fiance who are not the best cooks

Cast members of 90 Day Fiance who are not the best cooks
Cast members of 90 Day Fiance who are not the best cooks

90 Day Fiance provides viewers with an inside look at the everyday lives of the cast members. Fans learn about each star's weaknesses and strengths pretty quickly, in addition to passing judgment on their cooking skills. It revolves around the premise that a couple brings their non-American fiancee or fiance to the United States to spend 90 days living with them.

In the event that they do not get married within the 90-day period, the international partner must return to their country of residence. In a lot of cases, the two people concerned have not spent much time together, and they are also not accustomed to living together. They are also discovering each other's respective habits around the house, including the way they prepare meals.

There is a tendency for the betrothed couple to live with the American's parents, who expect them to assist around the house. This may include assisting with the preparation of meals.
The non-American partner in a couple may make different choices when it comes to cooking than the American partner.

As in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After and 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, the American 90 Day Fiancé star visits the country of their significant other. Upon arrival, they are often surprised by the manner in which things are conducted.

Another possibility is that they are accustomed to cooking or cleaning in a certain manner and are confused when their spouse uses a different technique. Many nations differ considerably in their standards of cleanliness, customs, manners, and eating habits. It is common for couples to have disagreements over their respective culinary styles. Many 90-Day Fiancé stars have cooked meals for their partners, only to have them rejected. 

Mike Berk

Mike Berk left his Thiells, New York home to travel to Colombia to meet his online girlfriend, Ximena Morales, in advance of the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5. Mike, however, was not only living with Ximena once he arrived in Colombia, but also with her family, including their two young children.

Mike attempted to prepare pasta with cheese sauce for Ximena and her children one evening. As Ximena explained to the cameras in Spanish, the pasta was not cooked to the correct temperature. As it would upset her children's stomachs, she advised them not to consume it. The Colombian woman then threw the pasta in the trash so as not to contaminate herself and her family with it.

Miona and Jibri Bell

Jibri Bell was delighted to bring his Serbian partner Miona to live with him in the U.S., but she also had to live with his parents. Among Jibri's mother's rules for the couple was that they must assist Mahala Bach with cooking and household chores. Jibri and Miona admitted to the cameras that they were unable to cook. After heating up frozen Chicken Alfredo, Mahala and her husband Brian declared it to be "worse than ever."

Thais Ramone

Another non-U.S. partner prepared Brazilian Stroganoff for her beau Patrick Mendes and his brother, John, in yet another case of a non-U.S. partner cooking for their partner's family. The Thai Stroganoff, which consists of ketchup and chicken, perplexes viewers and John, and he actually spits it out after eating it. However, despite John's reaction, Patrick appeared to be enjoying what his fiance had prepared.

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Though some viewers were shocked by Thais's Stroganoff at the time, some viewers appeared to be fascinated by its appearance. Thais recently posted the recipe for her famous dish to her Instagram account, which must mean that some of her followers were curious about making it themselves.

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