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CGI's are more common than you think in Homelander's Cape - TVThop

TV Series - Jul 31, 2022

CGI's are more common than you think in Homelander's Cape

CGI's are more common than you think in Homelander's Cape
CGI's are more common than you think in Homelander's Cape

On Prime Video's The Boys for three seasons, the series has consistently employed practical effects when necessary, from much of the show's gore to creating a massive fake whale to crash a speedboat into. Although the show features superheroes, some aspects cannot be realistic. It's so rare that Homelander's cape doesn't have to be computer generated at least occasionally.

Stephen Fleet, the visual effects supervisor of the Prime Video hit The Boys, provided insight into the latest season's VFX work in a recent Corridor Crew episode. Fleet noted on the show that the cape has to be added whenever the wires are used. This means it ends up being CG quite a bit of the time." 

"Whenever he does anything crazy like fly or wire or anything like that, we're pulling the cape and going CG. We want control over the physics of it when he's flying since that's how the wind is moving." According to Fleet in 2020, a collaborative effort between practical effects and visual effects is crucial to a series or film's development. "It's because of how well we worked together that I can, with a lot of sequences, have 75% practical and 25% visual effects or something like that, so I think the show looks like it does. 

In that case, the practical effects account for 10%, whereas the visual effects account for 90%," he said at the time. He added, "One thing people outside of the industry may not realize is that a lot of it depends on time, and special effects in this day and age take a lot of production time."

On a show, it would be so easy to just do a visual effect and push the hot potato down the line so everyone could have a good day, but on this show, we do not. Whenever possible, we fight for them to get the time. Prime Video now offers The Boys Season 3.

Source: comicbook

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