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Danielle & Garrick's New Home: More Details About Danielle & Garrick's New Home

Danielle & Garrick's New Home: More Details About Danielle & Garrick's New Home
Danielle & Garrick's New Home: More Details About Danielle & Garrick's New Home

Custom home has been built for a large plural family by Seeking Sister Wife Danielle and Garrick Merrifield. Find out where they are moving. The Seeking Sister Wife stars Garrick and Danielle Merrifield have been a mainstay since season 1, and we're getting an update on their new home.

As Roberta "Bert" Merrifield prepares to move to the US on a K-1 fiance visa, her family has been busy building a polygamist's dream home. As a couple living a plural lifestyle, they have made many sacrifices, and it appears those sacrifices are about to pay off. The first eleven years of Danielle and Garrick's marriage were monogamous.

The stars became polygamists four years ago and began courting a new wife. They met Brazilian Roberta on a polygamist dating site before meeting her in person. Garrick proposed to Roberta after spending time with her. The Merrifield family requires her to obtain a K-1 visa and marry Garrick legally within 90 days.

Garrick and Danielle already had a legal marriage, so they divorced. During their courtship of potential third wives, Bert arrives. As the Merrifield family pursues several new life changes, season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife follows their journey. While building their new home, the family has lived in a five-wheel trailer with their two teenage sons, Jeremiah and Solomon.

The new home was designed and built by Garrick, who owns a custom home-building business. The couple purchased the two-acre lot on which they are building their house for $57,500 on April 27, 2020, according to InTouch Weekly. A detached garage will be 1,020 square feet, with a two-story, 3,900 square foot house.

The outside will be forest green. In the future, Danielle's parents will have their apartment within the home, so they can be close to her. Seven bedrooms should be enough for new wives and children in the Merrifield house.

The sleeping arrangements in the house will be revealed in Seeking Sister Wife season 4. Each woman will spend a night with Garrick in his master bedroom. On their off nights, the women will sleep upstairs. I've always been close to my girlfriends, so sharing a room is kind of exciting for me."

Danielle expressed excitement about the arrangement. The nearly-finished home has been featured in episodes of Seeking Sister Wife season 4, and will likely be shown in its complete form by the season's end. The Merrifield's are eager to find out if Roberta will join them there, as planned. As the family settles into their new home, viewers will have to keep watching.


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