TV Series - Aug 12, 2022

Elena confronts Nate's 'Imani' issue in Y&R spoilers for August 12

Elena confronts Nate's 'Imani' issue in Y&R spoilers for August 12
Elena confronts Nate's 'Imani' issue in Y&R spoilers for August 12

There might not be any Newman in Genoa City on Friday, August 12, 2022, according to the Y&R spoilers. Chelsea Lawson makes new partner Billy Abbott uncomfortable, while Tessa Porter gets a job offer - thanks to wife Mariah Copeland - after Elena Dawson takes issue with Imani Benedict's overtures to Nate Hastings.

Elena knows what she's doing. Devon Hamilton has cheated on him twice, once with Devon and once with Nate. She knows what someone about to cheat looks like. Nate has been hanging out with Imani, which she sees as a symptom of this.

Elena explains to him why he is being such a fool even though he may believe he is simply offering a sympathetic ear to cry on. Moreover, he is her idiot, not Imani's. It is possible that Elena cheated on him. However, she will not allow him to do the same to her.

Chelsea was asked to be a part of Billy's podcast because he wanted her to shake things up a bit, to be all edgy, like the cool kids. The problem is that Billy is neither alternative nor edgy.

Thus, whenever Chelsea makes any suggestion of that sort, he reverts to the uptight person he truly is. Chelsea will only be able to contact Billy through their mutual son, Johnny, as far as we can tell. 

Due to Tessa's voice injury, she is on hold from her singing career - Mariah has an idea - Tessa should become a model! During the pitch, Mariah presented the idea to her good friend Kyle Abbott and his wife, Summer Newman Abbott. Both of them acquired their positions solely through nepotism; therefore, they see no problem with Mariah's suggestion. Tessa, welcome to the team!c

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