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Fans criticize Melissa Gorga's 'conceited' move

Fans criticize Melissa Gorga's 'conceited' move
Fans criticize Melissa Gorga's 'conceited' move

There have been a lot of comments and strong reactions to a new video Melissa Gorga shared on both her TikTok and Instagram accounts. She and her husband Joe Gorga of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" showed off their dance skills together on July 17 - with a bit of chaos at the end. In the caption, it is stated, "The video has been viewed over 1.7 million times on TikTok."

Melissa Gorga makes a heart with her fingers to the camera while Joe Gorga and Catania stand in the background in the 15-second video. The two commenced their dance routine after Melissa Gorga moved off-camera, but about 10 seconds into the routine, Melissa Gorga briefly came back on camera.

Finally, Joe Gorga was seen behind Catania doing a humping motion as the men's dance routine ended. The video ended with Melissa Gorga dancing across the screen. The video was quickly embraced by fans, who noted that they enjoyed seeing the dynamic between the two RHONJ husbands. The video about the two men received quite a few barbs and criticism from viewers, including Melissa Gorga.

One user wrote, "Melissa has to make sure she's in the camera not once, but three times" along with a facepalm emoji on social media regarding Gorga popping into the video several times. "Shocker...not Melissa needs to be the focus of attention. I'm here for the Frank Catania & Joey Georga show. Move along!!!” a second person added.

A commenter wrote, “I love the guys, but Melissa does not miss the camera, so why do you have to be on camera all the time?” Another echoed that sentiment, writing, “Exactly, she can’t let Joe have his moment.”

Another commented, “Get out of the way, let the boys have their moments.” Someone else agreed, “Love them but does she ALWAYS have to jump in every video.” Yet another agreed, “Of course, Melissa has to get herself in the picture as always.”

One viewer blasted the RHONJ star, asking, “Can't someone post on Instagram without Melissa jumping in?” Another criticized Melissa for jumping on for 4 seconds in every video or shot, including the guys.” Another suggested, “Let the boys play.” The comments continued, “Enjoy watching the boys’ movie.”

 Melissa doesn't have to jump in! There is something very wrong with her thirst!” Another person commented, “It's insane to watch you be that thirsty.” Another person wrote, “Not sure why u had to jump in. difference between confidence and conceited.”

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