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Filming RHOBH with her sisters is 'difficult' for Kyle Richards

Filming RHOBH with her sisters is 'difficult' for Kyle Richards
Filming RHOBH with her sisters is 'difficult' for Kyle Richards

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Kyle Richards revealed what it's really like working with Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As a member of the original cast during season one, Kyle and Kim were both famous child actresses.

They're both in discussions to join full-time the cast of RHOBH while their sister Kathy has been a friend of the cast since season 11. Several of the franchise's most explosive fights and shocking moments have taken place between the trio since RHOBH premiered in 2010.

Her experience on the show includes feuds, fights, and grudge matches due to her being part of the original cast. RHOBH star Kyle and her sisters' ongoing tension has captured viewers' attention more than any other dramatics. On the first season of RHOBH, Kyle and Kim openly confronted both their rocky relationship and Kim's alcoholism; half-sister Kathy, who grew up with the sisters' eccentric and overbearing mother, criticized Kyle for her portrayal of her family in her series, American Woman.

The tumultuous relationship history between Kyle and his family, financial problems, and disagreements have been contributing factors. Although their relationship has its ups and downs, they always seem to find a way to mend their way back to each other.

Since Kyle is the only full-time RHOBH cast member, she has shared her life with the viewers for over a decade. Her relationship with her sisters has been impacted by tensions on screen, according to the Bravo star's interview on Channel Seven's The Morning Show in Australia. According to Kyle, "I had a great time on the show when my sister Kim was on, and then I had a horrible experience," he stated to Daily Mail.

"With Kathy, I thought it would be great, we'd have fun, and we did. And of course, something happened this season, but at the end of the day, we're sisters, blood, and we'll always be together." The reality star also spoke about how she regrets sharing so much about her personal life despite film crews following them 24/7—the cameras are sure to catch what's happening behind the scenes.

The mid-season trailer for RHOBH season 12 shows that Kim and Kathy have not yet reached an agreement regarding their relationship. A moment of vulnerability is shared between Kyle and Lisa Rinna in the trailer before Kathy comes onboard.

Kyle adds, "I feel like you hate me or something," Kyle fumes through tears, "how could you say those things?" Lisa is seen accusing Kathy of talking behind Kyle's back, telling her, "I’m sorry, Kathy. You won’t get away with that." However, RHOBH star Kyle insists the sisters reconcile after filming and are once again on friendly terms.

Those aren't the only dramas swirling around Kyle. Recently, she faced criticism for mistreating fellow Housewives Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais during the 12th season of RHOBH. Her shocking and invasive line of questioning toward Sutton Stracke regarding her two miscarriages as well as Kyle's harassment campaign against Garcelle's son shocked fans.

Some RHOBH fans are calling for Bravo to remove Kyle ahead of the filming of season 13 despite her long-time popularity on the show. The outcome of Kyle's relationship with her fellow castmates will remain to be seen during the next season of RHOBH.

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