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GH Spoilers 7/26/22: Spencer threatens Esme!

GH Spoilers 7/26/22: Spencer threatens Esme!
GH Spoilers 7/26/22: Spencer threatens Esme!

As the trial of Trina continues in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers, her fate remains uncertain. In addition to Spencer giving Esme an ultimatum, Jordan wants information, and Rory makes a promise to Trina. In the meantime, Nikolas has a surprise for Ava, Josslyn stands up to Carly, and Sonny and Nina are having a fight!

It seems Spencer's big plan to promise Esme the name of her birth mother in exchange for her saving Trina seems to be crumbling all around him, but he's not giving up yet! We must figure out how to set Trina free before it is too late," he demands. The game Esme is playing doesn't appear to be over yet, as it appears that she isn't quite done with it yet.

Curtis has been investigating independently, hoping to find evidence or witnesses that will clear Trina's name (and hopefully implicate Esme in the process), and Jordan wants an update. Is there anything else you can tell me that I need to know?" she asks Curtis. Is he willing to share what he has learned so far?

As Trina prepares to return to court, Rory tries to reassure her that everything will be okay. He promises that he will make up for his mistake. I would love to be with you if you will let me." But if Trina is sent to jail, could their budding relationship be ended?

When Nikolas changes his mind at Wyndemere, Ava is a little taken aback by the sudden change in his attitude. "You were right all along," he declares with a smile on his face. "Divorce is off." But will Ava appreciate the fact that her husband is on the same side as her? I wonder how long he will be able to keep her in the dark about the fact that he cheated on her with Esme for as long as he can?

It was only with a great deal of reluctance that Josslyn deleted the video she had taken of Sonny threatening Felty, but she is still determined to make Sonny pay for the harm he has done to her family. What is the point of pretending that it isn't happening?” she asks her mother. Are Carly's plans to try and rein in her daughter or will she let her daughter do her dirty work for her?

At the same time, Sonny's relationship with Nina is hitting a snag. Is it possible that his violent attack on the drug pusher may have had something to do with it? As Sonny warns Nina, “If you can't take care of that, this is not going to work.” Can Nina accept both the good and the bad?

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