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Here are the spoilers for the week of July 25, 2022 - TVThop

TV Series - Jul 25, 2022

Here are the spoilers for the week of July 25, 2022

Here are the spoilers for the week of July 25, 2022
Here are the spoilers for the week of July 25, 2022

General Hospital spoilers for the week of Monday, July 25 to Friday, August 5 are available at Soaps.com. Port Charles may be experiencing summer heat, which is causing people to act out. There's a heated encounter between Nina and Sasha, Dante muses over his future, Nikolas tries to avoid trouble, and Diane makes a desperate move to save Trina's trial!

General Hospital spoilers for July 25

Esme's decision on whether or not to take Spencer's offer could have a huge impact on everything. In the meantime, Ava is caught off guard by Nikolas! Curtis' actions intrigue Jordan, so he wants to know why he is doing them. As Trina returns to the courtroom, she receives the support she needs. Her mother's daughter, Josslyn, is forgotten as Carly tries to talk her out of doing something she shouldn't.

Laura Wright teases, "What's coming up will blow your mind," and we know that even losing her beloved hotel will not keep Carly down! Maurice Benard shares the simple scene that left him with tears of joy after laying it all on the line. Love means never having to say you're sorry... but Sonny and Nina might want to apologize after discussing some tough truths.

General Hospital spoilers for  July 26

The walls are closing in on Trina as time runs out. Will Spencer be able to persuade Esme to accept his offer? As Carly attempts to change her daughter's mind, Trina draws strength from those in her corner. Sonny and Nina's relationship has hit a bump in the road. Will they be able to work through it

General Hospital spoilers for  July 27

Trina thinks she's ready for anything, but when an unexpected witness is called to testify, she is taken aback. Jordan, realizing the urgency of the situation, heads to Wyndemere to assist Trina. In Esme's case, she turns to perhaps the one person she believes can help Ryan! Cody tries to charm Britt but fails miserably. Is Maxie able to help him turn things around

General Hospital spoilers for July 28

Nikolas may be fighting a losing battle as he strives to keep a secret from being revealed. Diane realizes she may have been presented with the perfect opportunity as a new witness takes the stand at Trina's trial. As Michael and Willow share their good news, they are surprised to find out that someone has already heard about it! In Sonny's organization, Dex makes it clear that he wants more responsibility. Following a conversation with Mac, Dante may consider making changes in both his personal and professional lives.

General Hospital spoilers for July 29

The idea of Dex being brought deeper into the organization doesn't sit well with Sonny, so he asks Brick for advice. While Esme prepares to leave Port Charles, Spencer's decision could have major consequences. At least until things get tense, Sasha and Willow are there for one another. In the meantime, Brando suggests that perhaps Michael and Dex should talk with Sonny after he discovers Michael and Dex together.

General Hospital spoilers for August 1

The day Trina takes the stand in her defense is one you don't want to miss. During Nikolas's approach to his son, Ava and Esme are amid a showdown. On Elizabeth's first official day back, Finn heads to the hospital to see how she is doing. However, something very unexpected is about to happen! As Willow awaits the results of her latest tests, she has more questions for TJ.

What is happening to her? Are they ever going to find out? In the meantime, Sam happens to be approaching Michael just as he's making a rather mysterious phone call. Felicia is not likely to be thrilled when someone at Metro Court pool notices Mac's still got it after all these years!

General Hospital spoilers for August 2

To figure out what she should do next, Willow sits down with Terry and Britt to discuss her condition. Curtis is willing to do whatever it takes to get new information. Diane makes what might be a last-ditch effort to clear Trina's name while Trina's freedom hangs in the balance. From the recesses of Elizabeth's memory, something emerges. What has been happening with her? Will it shed light on what has been going on? Why is Nikolas racing to Spoon Island in a desperate race against time?

General Hospital spoilers for  August 3

Sasha is in a state of emotional chaos when she crosses paths with Nina at the Metro Court gardens. While Brando waits for Sonny to respond, he hopes that the man can provide him with some helpful advice. Trina's trial is immediately summarized for Cameron. The person who was brought to the station has a few questions for Jordan

General Hospital spoilers for August 4

As Sonny has no clue what the truth is about Dex, he gives his newest employee a task. Dante is making important decisions about his future, including his career. Is Jordan's conversation with him about that topic going to be fruitful? Carly knows her daughter well enough to recognize that something is bothering her. Is Josslyn going to confide in her mother? Metro Court spirals out of control. What is the worst that can happen? The police are summoned to the scene because it is so bad!

General Hospital spoilers for  August 5

Maxie, Brook Lynn, and Lucy take a meeting regarding the latest Face of Deception news after Sasha has become a liability for Deception. A "friendly" bet was made between Gregory and Alexis, and today they'll find out who won! Sam takes a meeting with Spinelli to ask for his help with a case as Dante meets Chase at the pool. Cody and Britt are not having a good time at the moment. When he tries to talk with her, it quickly becomes apparent that she isn't particularly thrilled about the fact that he is coming over!

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