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Here's why fans of Welcome To Plathville are standing with Kim Plath

Here's why fans of Welcome To Plathville are standing with Kim Plath
Here's why fans of Welcome To Plathville are standing with Kim Plath

The majority of Welcome to Plathville viewers do not find themselves on Team Kim Plath. Many fans have become disenchanted with her narcissistic and hypocritical behavior. Since then, the reality star has gained sympathy and understanding in a recent turn of events.

Kim and Barry Plath lost their 17-month-old son Joshua Plath in a tragic and heartbreaking accident. Recent revelations by Kim Plath describe the moment that forever altered the family's course. Kim was in the process of moving fruit trees when the incident occurred in 2008. In her statement, she explained that she had just seen Joshua and thought the path was clear for her car to be moved.

She did not realize until it was too late that Joshua was in front of the vehicle when she pulled it forward, accidentally running him over. She has never been able to forget the incident and the subsequent loss she experienced. Family members of the Plaths have been emotionally and psychologically affected by the accident.

Joshua would have been 15 this year, so they got together for his 15th birthday celebration at the cemetery. There was unnecessary drama ruining what should have been a special day. The Plath siblings had planned to meet at Joshua's gravesite to honor him, but Olivia Plath invited Barry to attend with them.

Due to her ongoing struggles with how she was treated, she did not want to include Kim in the conversation.  As a result, the rest of the Plath family did not wish to exclude Kim and extended an invitation to her as well.

Kim stated that she would attend the cemetery tomorrow regardless of whether anyone wanted her there or not. Welcome to Plathville viewers stood in solidarity with Kim, agreeing that she had every right to attend.

SyllabubUnited7920, who is not a fan of Kim's work, began the thread by commenting, "I'm totally siding with Kim on this issue."  She refused to attend the gravesite with her husband, Ethan Plath, and the rest of the family because she was upset by Kim's presence. A day designed to be a time of family reunion was instead a time characterized by tension and division. 

In his response to the thread on Reddit, Underregistreed stated that "Yep. Kim is the literal worst, but that does not mean she should not be able to visit her deceased son's grave on his birthday with her family." Many people from Welcome to Plathville were appreciative that Kim stood her ground in this case since she was entitled to spend time with her family.

While Kim has had her moments that have made her disliked and despised by fans, all of that is irrelevant in this instance. The tragedy has struck an unimaginable chord with viewers. On the thread, Reddit user darkqueen827744 stated, "I fully support Kim in this case, as it is her son who is at stake."

Kim is living with the injury for the remainder of her life and has not sought assistance from anyone. "They need to be a little more relaxed on this one." 

Kim is ultimately a mother who has suffered a devastating loss, and the guilt and unbearable pain she must suffer each day are immeasurable. On a day that would have been difficult enough, isolating her from her family seemed unnecessary and selfish. Olivia's immature behavior and lack of empathy for Kim's feelings have outraged Welcome to Plathville fans.

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