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It May Is a Scorching Hot Love Triangle for Sally on Young & Restless... but Not the One You Think It Is

It May Is a Scorching Hot Love Triangle for Sally on Young & Restless... but Not the One You Think It Is
It May Is a Scorching Hot Love Triangle for Sally on Young & Restless... but Not the One You Think It Is

As Sally walked out of Adam's door after their knock-down-drag-out fight, she predicted that when he realized what a terrible mistake he'd made by dumping her to protect her job, she'd already moved on. Surely that's foreshadowing if it isn't.

In her conversation with Sharon, who tried her best to give her best advice when it came to Adam, a tricky prospect even under ideal circumstances, for some reason talk turned to his relationship with his brother Nick.

Although Sharon recalled that they had made nice after Adam donated a kidney to save Faith's life, she pointed out that they both have a history of bad blood between them that is just waiting for an opportunity to flare up. It seems like more foreshadowing to us.

Later, Sally encountered Nick at Crimson Lights, and we saw where things were headed from the moment she walked in and said, "Misery loves company.". Nick was appalled that she had resigned from Newman Media, and in another hint at what was to come, he trashed his brother's track record with women.

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With Nick's support, Sally's case with Victoria has already been championed, and she is sure to be Nick's "go-to" at work. In her mind, Chloe is a much-preferred alternative to Adam in terms of romantic relationships, so she is likely to encourage her to pursue Nick romantically.

We already knew that Nick and Sally would get together, but initially, we assumed it was because Young & Restless was preparing for a Nick/Sally/Adam love triangle. Is it now? There's something we don't know about that. How come? Both the building and Genoa City appear to have been abandoned by Adam.

As soon as Adam booked a flight to Las Vegas, he removed himself from the equation. We haven't seen confirmation he's gone yet, but we assume he's decided it's the only way to let Sally handle the media division without him constantly distracting her. Is there anyone who will object to Sally and Nick getting together?

Sharon, her new "pal" of course! Even before Rey died, Sharon and Nick were spending a lot of time together with their kids as Nick was recovering from his break-up with Phyllis. It is easy to imagine Sharon not wanting to interfere if Nick and Sally begin getting closer, but realizing that her feelings for her former husband have reignited when she wasn't paying attention.

Having Sharon help Sally and become one of her only confidantes adds another twist to the proceedings that will certainly leave viewers feeling something. The idea of this messiness may not have the passion and darkness of Adam's triangle, but we're not against it either.

One of Sharon's needs is a story. It's beyond frustrating to watch this lead character dispense coffee and advice every month. Second, Nick and Sally have chemistry, Nick and Sharon have chemistry, and Sharon and Sally have just thawed their relationship... so this could create a very soapy triangle.

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