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Li and Finn Share a Breathtaking Reunion as Sheila Hyperventilates - TVThop

TV Series - Jul 28, 2022

Li and Finn Share a Breathtaking Reunion as Sheila Hyperventilates

Li and Finn Share a Breathtaking Reunion as Sheila Hyperventilates
Li and Finn Share a Breathtaking Reunion as Sheila Hyperventilates

As Bill recounts what Li has gone through, it is obvious that she has suffered some significant trauma. She replies, "Sheila Carter," and then adds, "Finn is alive!" He lives!” She tries again, as Liam and Bill assume she's confused.  As Finn sits in the room, Sheila asks him how he can believe she loves him when all she does is steal what he loves. His son and wife need to be with him, so he insists she makes it right.

In the Forrester jet, Taylor and Ridge talk about Steffy ending up in a depression rehab. Despite Taylor feeling, that she should have looked deeper, she took her word for it that she was all right. She doesn't think Steffy will ever recover from losing Finn. Ridge assures her, "We'll ensure she does." Taylor just wants to hold Steffy and tell Ridge her family is there for her.

As far as Ridge is concerned, there is only one person who could lift the darkness, and he is gone. The thought that Hayes will grow up unaware of the great man his father was, and how happy he made Steffy, saddens Taylor. The feeling in the room is that Finn feels like he's being punished, not loved. Her pain is running down his spine. The only reason I won't see my mother again is because of you. Steffy cannot be subjected to the same fate."

Sheila is reminded that none of this can be sustained. He's finished. There is nothing she could have done to prevent this from happening. She is sorry. In L.A., I returned to nothing but good intentions. My son deserved to meet me. Steffy could have made everything better if he had been kinder to her. She wishes she could have looked Steffy in the eye and told her she was her mother.

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Gritting his teeth, Finn says, "Looks like you're blaming everyone for what you did." Sheila insists that in time, she will prove herself and become part of the family, but Steffy won't let her. Finn hollers at Sheila to stop trying to justify this unforgivable act and he shouts at her to stop. "I just lost it," Sheila says she was trying to stop the attack and Finn screams that she had lost it and he shouts at her to stop. Shooting him was an accident, and Sheila fears he wouldn't forgive her.

The truth is what Li insists she is telling Bill at his house. According to her, she refused to give up on her son after saving him from the hospital. “And Finn is with Sheila now?” Bill asks. There is no way I will let Sheila escape!” They sit on the sofa, and Li cries. She explains that Finn was on life support, and his doctor thought he had no chance.

As she smuggled him out, signed the death certificate, and took him to the hospital, she knew he was a fighter. Sheila eventually found her. Despite her best efforts, she could not get rid of Finn. That's why there is no tombstone, that's why there is no memorial service... of course!” A fiery plunge into water ended the chase for Li. She must have saved Finn if he is alive, Liam claims. As Ridge sits beside Taylor, who curses when the wi-fi goes out, he paces and paces on the jet. There has been no word from Li all this time.

The woman fumes, “Does it even count that I saved your life?”  That was Li, Finn argues. According to Sheila, she did it twice. Finn repeatedly insists she should let him go if she loves him. The reason I expect to live is because of you." Sheila denies she intended to deprive him of his family and make him a prisoner there. His response is, "That's exactly what you're doing." Steffy won't leave him alone another day. It is only through letting go of himcanis able to achieve his happiness.

Liam learns of this from Bill at Bill's place, but no one else knows about it until Finn is born. Li asks him, “Can you transport me to him?” Li confirms. In order to alert Chief Baker, Liam will remain behind. Taylor dozes on Ridge's shoulder as the plane flies. Her dream told her that Steffy and Finn were together at a beach bonfire, and she was so happy when she woke up. As Sheila sits in her room, she wonders why this always happens to her. Considering Finn is a kind and compassionate man, she believes they will be able to move past this and start over. There will be no more terrorizing Steffy and she will never know Hayes. All of them were loved by Sheila.

As Finn declares that it's not possible, he begins unhooking himself from the machines. In an agonizing voice, Sheila says, "You cannot walk out." He asks how she can stop him. Does she intend to shoot him or stick him with a needle again? The apology comes from Sheila. As he informs her, he believes it's over. The resigned Sheila gives him the go-ahead. The situation would have been different if Finn had been able to control it. As he hobbles out of the room, he turns toward the front door. A hand is placed on his shoulder and his name is said by Sheila. His gaze returns to her after a pause. Li appears as Bill steps aside. As she runs to her son, she takes in Sheila and Finn. It's Finn! Thank you, God! The Lord!”As Sheila begins to hyperventilate, Li glares at her.

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