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Lisa accuses Lenny of putting her in financial peril on RHOM

Lisa accuses Lenny of putting her in financial peril on RHOM
Lisa accuses Lenny of putting her in financial peril on RHOM

The Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein is allegedly in "financial peril" after she divorced Lenny Hochstein. Lisa and Lenny have been locked in a bitter divorce since the Miami plastic surgeon filed a petition to dissolve their 12-year marriage in May. Before filing, Lenny had already been parading around Miami with Katharina Mazepa. They have been hot and heavy despite Lisa's heartbreak over the split.

In light of Katharina's ongoing relationship with Lenny, she recently filed a restraining order against Lisa for cyberbullying. According to the Miami housewife, Lenny's divorce filing came as a "blindside." They had already fuelled divorce rumors after Lisa confronted Lenny and Katharina at Miami hot spot Gala with RHOM co-star Larsa Pippen.

A glass is reported to have been thrown after things got heated. Katharina was allegedly slapped by Lisa. After filing, Lenny has continued dating Katharina, who recently boasted about her plastic surgeon visiting her family in Europe.

During his travels to Europe, Lenny neglected Lisa financially. Lenny allegedly tried to "financially strangle" Lisa as a retaliation amid their divorce, according to Page Six. Lenny allegedly restricts her access to funds when she "does not comply with every one of demands," the documents state.

Lisa was given a credit card by Lenny before they separated to cover her "personal expenses" as well as purchases for their children. According to the document. According to Lisa, Lenny has drastically changed since she began dating Katharina, and he is putting her in "financial peril."

Lisa's ex-husband, a Miami-based surgeon, is on a "no-expense-spared vacation with his presumed girlfriend in Europe," and left her and the children "without cash, access to funds, and less than $3,000 of credit on the joint credit card," the document writes.

According to Lisa, Lenny has been tight-fisted with his funds after she expressed serious reservations about him hosting a lavish Halloween party "at the marital home for 800-1,000 people with the children present," according to the filing. Lisa and Lenny were known for hosting their annual Halloween bash that drew crowds.

After Katharina started dating Lenny, fans noticed a photo she posted at last year's Halloween party. The split has not distracted Lisa from her children. Lenny and Katharina are living their best lives together. As a "come-up," Lisa has accused Katharina of dating the 56-year-old plastic surgeon.

She complains, but Lenny can't help but swoon over his much younger girlfriend. After watching Lenny's treatment of Lisa in season 4 of The Real Housewives of Miami, fans guessed he wanted out of the marriage. In tears, Lisa revealed Lenny's past "emotional affair" while they were struggling to start a family.

Lisa will have to recount the details of her divorce on the screen once again. Her co-stars, many of whom are divorced themselves, are supporting her. The more Lenny and Katharina show off their budding romance, the more Lisa will need support.


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