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LPBW: Why Audrey Fans Think She Missed The Mark With The 'Redneck' Party

LPBW: Why Audrey Fans Think She Missed The Mark With The 'Redneck' Party
LPBW: Why Audrey Fans Think She Missed The Mark With The 'Redneck' Party

A "redneck" themed party was thrown by Little People, Big World's Jeremy, and Audrey Roloff at their cabin this past weekend, which shocked viewers. It has been noted that Audrey is not well known for making the best social media posts, but fans feel this particular event took the cake. Both Audrey and Jeremy seemed unaware of the extent to which the party was offensive.

It has been claimed numerous times that Audrey thinks she is better than those around her. It was on the family farm of Little People, Big World that she first became known when she married Jeremy Roloff. Throughout their courtship phase, Audrey and Jeremy appeared to get along well, and Audrey came across as a very positive and bright individual, which was perfect for Jeremy.

Little People, Big World fans soon noted that the fame seemed to go to her head as she always sought further advancement. In 2018, Jeremy announced he was leaving the show due to the increasing number of cameras, and both wanted the privacy they desired.

She has since shared a number of updates with her followers, which often leaves them scratching their heads about certain topics she discusses. Audrey recently shared on Instagram that she and Jeremy planned to throw a massive party at their new cabin with an eccentric theme. She explained that she had come up with the idea of organizing a "redneck" party.

In Audrey's case, she was wearing a green John Deer hat with overalls and a t-shirt with an American theme underneath, while Jeremy was wearing bare feet and a bathrobe. There was also a significant amount of camouflage to be found. There were even comments made by viewers regarding Audrey's use of cigarettes as a prop.

Many of Audrey's guests were wearing mullets, cut-off blue jeans, and light beer, as a sign of understanding the assignment. Even the Little People, Big World alum joked that their million-dollar cabin fit right in with the theme due to its current state of renovation. Aside from posting a long caption about how important parties are to her, Audrey was clearly pleased with her performance.

Jeremy and Audrey are good at bringing everyone together, but fans argue that due to their family feud, Audrey is good at pushing people away. Furthermore, Audrey noted that she and Jeremy enjoyed throwing parties and could not wait to throw their next one.

Even though fans gave the mother of three the benefit of the doubt by throwing a nice party, many, however, felt she had missed the mark, as her affair came across as offensive. Although Little People, and Big World fans doubt Audrey ever saw a problem with the theme, we hope she will choose a better theme in the future.


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