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Noah Thompson and HunterGirl Announce Co-Headlining Tour for American Idol

Noah Thompson and HunterGirl Announce Co-Headlining Tour for American Idol
Noah Thompson and HunterGirl Announce Co-Headlining Tour for American Idol

The winner of American Idol Season 20

Noah Thompson, the winner of American Idol season 20, and runner-up HunterGirl has announced a joint tour that will begin on October 27 in Columbus, Ohio.

What did Noah and the Huntergirl announce

The season 20 winners of American Idol, Noah Thompson, and HunterGirl, have announced a co-headlining tour that will launch in the fall. HunterGirl, a 24-year-old music therapist for veterans from Winchester, Tennessee, and Noah, a 20-year-old construction worker from Louisa, Kentucky, are both country singers, but their prior performance experiences were very different.

Noah had never performed on stage

While Noah had never performed on stage before his audition, HunterGirl had been performing for the majority of her life. Both of them have had considerable success both during and after the show, and they have also become close friendships.

All are performing separately

Noah, HunterGirl, and the other Top 7 finalists all recorded singles during American Idol season 20. They have been performing separately across the nation since they made a performance at the CMA Fest in June.

Huntergirl made ger Grand Ole Opry Debut

In August, HunterGirl made her Grand Ole Opry debut. Since leaving American Idol, Noah and HunterGirl have shared some of their own songs with their listeners. Noah also released a country cover of Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko's song Stay

Noah sang the Song

 When Noah sang the song during his American Idol Hollywood Week Showstoppers performance and then repeated it during the finale, he received a lot of praise.

The co-headlining has already been revealed

The co-headlining tour for Noah and HunterGirl has already been revealed; it will begin on October 27 in Columbus, Ohio, and end on December 2 in St. Louis, Missouri. I can't believe a year ago, I was doing construction, and now I'm announcing a tour with one of my closest friends, HunterGirl, Noah reportedly stated in a press statement, according to Country Now.

Noah and the Huntergirl have remained the Friends

I met HunterGirl on Idol, and we quickly grew close. Since the end of the program, Noah and HunterGirl have remained friends, and he expressed excitement about joining her on tour. 

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The American Idol Champion Claimed

The American Idol champion claimed he is a performer because he enjoys singing and dancing actually being in my ideal setting.

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