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Recap: Sarah pulls a knife on Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Recap: Sarah pulls a knife on Gwen on Days of Our Lives
Recap: Sarah pulls a knife on Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Kristen gleefully informs Chloe and Brady that she is their new boss. If they have any doubts, they should call Gabi. Kristen did Gabi a favor a few months ago, and now she's repaying her. Brady is assured by Kristen that she and Nicole are still the CEOs.

DiMera's new executive in charge of Basic Black is Kristen. The first thing she does is fire Chloe... she's just kidding. Kristen is reminded by Brady and Chloe that all decisions must be approved by both of them contractually. They then decide it would be a good idea to taunt Kristen and begin making out. As a result of Chloe's sexual harassment, Kristen decides to report her to HR. 

As Nicole is being held hostage by a robber (Greg) at gunpoint, Eric, in his running clothes, tries to talk him down from harming her. Nicole's purse or he will shoot her! Eric assures Greg that he is just trying to help him. Nicole tries to support Eric's words (Why won't they just give him Nicole's purse? ). Nicole is pushed to the ground by Greg after he grabs her purse. Rafe arrives while Eric comforts her, acting like a neanderthal. Rafe apologizes for being a jerk once he realizes what's going on. Once it becomes obvious that Nicole has injured her ankle, they leave the scene.

Jake and Ava are at Horton Square. He explains to her their connection - maybe they are the love of each other's lives. He tells her (while rubbing her face and stroking her hair - SWOON!) that he wants to marry her. Their goal is to convince Salem that they are in it for the long haul.

Jake leaves for a while and returns with a ring. Xander bought it for Gwen. When he asks her to marry him, she accepts, and he places the ring on her finger. Greg, the local thief, arrives and asks Ava for "the rock." Sarah is comforted by Maggie in the Kiriakis living room. Sarah is not at fault, according to the Horton Family Slogan. Sarah agrees with Kristen DiMera that she is responsible for everything.

After that was settled, they talked trash about Gwen. Sarah may have killed Abigail thinking she was Kristen, but they quickly get bored and return to the possibility that Sarah killed Abigail. She should live her life until she's charged with a crime or remembers something specific. They agree to reschedule the wedding. Gwen arrives to talk to Xander in scantily clad clothing. It disgusts him that she and the legion of doom were released onto Salem's streets

source: daytime confidential

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