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RHOBH: Are Sutton Stracke's motives calculated or innocent?

RHOBH: Are Sutton Stracke's motives calculated or innocent?
RHOBH: Are Sutton Stracke's motives calculated or innocent?

Sutton Stracke came onto The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in style, but every season she seems to be caught up in a turmoil she can't escape. After she "violated" Crystal Kung Minkoff's privacy while bringing her winter coat, the scales of drama tipped in Sutton's favor.

As a result of Sutton's questioning of Erika Jayne's innocence regarding Tom Girardi's alleged embezzlement in season 11, she ended up in hot water with Erika. Sutton is now engaged in a passionate argument with newbie Diana Jenkins, who cannot stand being friends with her.

Although there is no shortage of drama in the housewives' lives, Sutton seems to always be stepping onto new ground, which has led the other housewives to label her "evil" and "crazy." Some of her peers have even referred to her as a narcissist, always turning confrontations into confessions about herself. On the show, Garcelle Beauvais always asserts that Sutton is just a little "kooky."

Sutton is often misunderstood by Garcelle and speaks in a manner that she does not mean in the heat of the moment. Some housewives, however, seem unsatisfied with this explanation. Fans, despite all this, continue to support and admire Sutton for her willingness to speak her mind.

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@housewiveschaos, a Twitter user, supports Sutton's ability to create drama and says she will always support her. Some of Sutton's voracious haters, however, believe that she is calculating and self-centered. Throughout season 10, Sutton was often emotional and easily upset, as well as constantly concerned about stepping on toes and offending the other women.

The changes are quite noticeable from season 11 when Sutton was very on the fence about participating in Erika's legal drama for fear of repercussions in her social standing. Based on information obtained from the Los Angeles Times, Sutton organized a meeting of the other housewives at the home of Dorit Kemsley, who had been vandalized. There was extensive discussion of every aspect of the case among the housewives.

However, Sutton did not share her fears with Erika. Richards claimed that Sutton talked behind Erika's back several times throughout the season, but never brought up all of her concerns to her. Sutton's constant focus on herself is consistent with fans' assertions. After Sutton appeared unconcerned about Dorit's life-threatening robbery, one Twitter user celebrated Dorit's call for the same behavior.

Whatever trouble Sutton may get into this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she will not be abandoned by her fans. Lisa Rinna and Garcelle have been among the housewives to attempt to call it as it is, but Sutton seems to be attracting more negative and positive attention. It will only be a matter of time before she sinks or swims in the court of public opinion.

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