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RHOBH Diana Jenkins' subtle reference to Sutton Stracke catches the attention of fans

RHOBH Diana Jenkins' subtle reference to Sutton Stracke catches the attention of fans
RHOBH Diana Jenkins' subtle reference to Sutton Stracke catches the attention of fans

Diana Jenkins was caught flipping Sutton Stracke the bird while the two were having lunch together on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It is Diana who is the newest cast member of RHOBH season 12 and already has started a conflict with fellow cast members Sutton and Garcelle Beauvais.

Sutton's words were described as "clumsy" by Diana during a conversation among the housewives. In addition, she continuously ridiculed Sutton after claiming to be a vegetarian for consuming bacon. There was often a complaint on Diana's part that Sutton made everything about her and did not seem to be able to relate to this southern belle.

Diana shared her experience of losing her brother during the Bosnian war during a cast outing on a yacht. The new RHOBH star walked away after Sutton mentioned her father's suicide as a way to relate to Diana's loss. In the aftermath, Sutton and Diana exchanged shots at Garcelle's birthday party.

Diana was again contacted by Sutton and asked to have lunch to discuss things. Even though Sutton tried to explain her perspective to Diana, she wasn't receptive. On Reddit, u/nifferj noticed Diana subtly giving Sutton the middle finger and asked, “Anyone caught the sly bird Dianughhh threw at Sutton?”

SnooMacaroons5473 responded, "Totally caught that.". "She didn't want to be there." Many RHOBH viewers have criticized Diana for acting disengaged. One fan wasn't as aware and wrote, "Well done.". Honestly, I missed that." Another RHOBH fan remarked, "Hahahaha yes I did!"." Oh my gosh, what a b****!" Another commented, "I immediately spotted that." 

Dcorcor408 commented on Reddit that Diana was doing too much. "It's exhausting and confusing to figure out what exactly Diana is trying to accomplish and what her issues are with Sutton." Many fans believe Diana was plotted by Rinna that her anger would emerge next season and make her the next 'it' housewife."

Because Diana is one of the richest cast members of The Real Housewives franchise, she does not require a salary to perform her duties. Several people believe that she is trying to dispel the rumor that her book Room 23 contains a list of high-end prostitutes and their clients. Nevertheless, her behavior on RHOBH is not helpful to her reputation.

Sutton has tried to befriend Diana, but the native Bosnian seems determined to dislike her. Despite the fact that Sutton fights with almost all of her castmates, there is usually a resolution. Diana, however, does not appear ready to make a truce with Sutton. She may warm up to Sutton in later episodes, but it seems unlikely given her subtle flip-offs. Several viewers believe Diana won't return to RHOBH for a second season because she comes off as unlikable.

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