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RHOBH: Yolanda Hadid returns to Instagram after a relapse of lyme disease - TVThop

TV Series - Aug 01, 2022

RHOBH: Yolanda Hadid returns to Instagram after a relapse of lyme disease

RHOBH: Yolanda Hadid returns to Instagram after a relapse of lyme disease
RHOBH: Yolanda Hadid returns to Instagram after a relapse of lyme disease

Yolanda Hadid is opening up about enjoying a "wonderful reset" for the nine months she was absent from social media. Yolanda has remained silent regarding the drama surrounding Gigi Hadid's on-and-off boyfriend/child's father Zayn Malik.

In October of last year, Yolanda made headlines after news of her physical confrontation with Zayn started to spread. After accusing the singer of striking her in a police report, many believed Yolanda revealed the alleged fight.

After Yolanda and Zayn's altercation was revealed, the press was flooded with allegations. While Gigi was in another city on a modeling gig, Zayn was responsible for caring for their daughter.

Gigi and Zayn's home was filled with Yolanda, the hands-on mother she has shown herself to be during her time on RHOBH. Zayn, however, was upset that Yolanda did not trust him to care for his daughter without Gigi present. A heated argument ensued during which Yolanda accused Zayn of pushing her.

Following the messy family drama, Yolanda announced her return to social media on Sunday in a return posy. Bravo alum shared a photo of herself seated in front of the water with the sun shining on her back, in which she discussed her "detox" from social media. After losing her mother and experiencing a relapse of Lyme disease, Yolanda explained that she had time to "reevaluate" her life.

Yolanda admitted that emotional stress and grief had adversely impacted her immune system and that her preoccupation with her phone only contributed to the stress. It began to consume so much of her time that she was no longer able to be present in her life. The tendency is to get lost in the lives and stories of others while forgetting to live and love your own, Yolanda noted.

She then elaborated on how "uninspired" social media can lead to someone who, "scrolls through social media until their eyes hurt." Yoland was praised for her transparency in the post. Bella Hadid, Yolanda's daughter, left a comment telling her mother how much she loved her.

Other members of the community commended Yolanda for her "inspiring" post. As shown by the timeline, Yolanda probably took a break from social media around the time of her physical altercation with Zayn. According to insiders, Gigi was focused on her daughter rather than her mom and boyfriend's problems.

Yolanda shared how involved she is with her three children during her three seasons on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Despite the fact that the former supermodel shared her children with the business mogul Mohammed Hadid after their divorce, the former husband and wife have remained very good friends.

Even though she has a history of working on reality television, Yolanda does a good job of keeping her private life out of the public eye. Her disclosure regarding her depression marks a significant step forward for the secretive alum. Her recent reveal has been well received by her fans.

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