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RHONJ: Joe Gorga and Melissa explain why they didn't attend Teresa Giudice's wedding

RHONJ: Joe Gorga and Melissa explain why they didn't attend Teresa Giudice's wedding
RHONJ: Joe Gorga and Melissa explain why they didn't attend Teresa Giudice's wedding

Over the weekend, the RHONJ OG married Luis Ruelas in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends, Bravo co-stars, and family members. Even though the bride's hairstyle captured all the attention, many wondered why her beloved brother and sister-in-law did not attend the wedding.

While speculation surrounded Joe and Teresa's relationship, and what this could mean for their siblings moving forward, Joe shared his perspective with his family. Melissa began the latest episode of her podcast On Display with the following statement: "Obviously, we did not attend your sister's wedding.". The reasons for this are numerous.

All my listeners should be aware that something happened at the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. As far as the exact details are concerned, I can't provide them today. The information that we have filmed is something that I am not permitted to divulge.

'I can state with certainty that no one has all of the details yet. There is still more to the story to be told. As for the rumors regarding the actor's non-appearance, she stated, 'I am not here to say that there was no drama, that it wasn't crazy. There was a little aggression from certain individuals that could have been a bit frightening. Certainly, there were moments of tension.

The reason Joe and I had said that would be very strange — including everyone in that room, by the way — would be for you guys to look at us and say, “Yes, it would be strange for you guys just to sit in the pews tomorrow, wishing them well on their wedding day.”

As Joe insisted, that there was no jealousy between them and his sister, Melissa insisted that they were 'very hurt' to be absent from the wedding. It was so, so difficult for me. The real estate developer continued, 'Here I have my only sister, my only blood. There is no large family, we do not have a lot of cousins, and both of our parents have passed away. It was a devastating experience for me.

My decision to skip the wedding was one of the hardest days of my life. It was a bad experience. However, let's return to the reunion. It was she who did this. It was all her fault. This is what she really desired. You were not invited to the wedding by her.

She did not wish any of my children to attend the wedding. She barely cared about me. In the aftermath of the dissemination of all this information, I was asked to participate in a wedding. That is the cause of my sadness. She did not want us to be present. The things that took place behind closed doors, all the things we've been holding in ... We have forgiven and moved on.'

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