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Seeking Sister Wife fans mock Nick for his proposal attire - TVThop

TV Show - Aug 25, 2022

Seeking Sister Wife fans mock Nick for his proposal attire

Seeking Sister Wife fans mock Nick for his proposal attire
Seeking Sister Wife fans mock Nick for his proposal attire

TLC's Seeking Sister Wife

TLC's Seeking Sister Wife returns Monday night. Nick proposed to Danielle this week, while other couples were still looking for a sister wife. Nick's decision to propose despite the age disparity surprised viewers, but his wardrobe stood out. Seeking Sister Wife episode 12.

In the Seeking Sister, Wife episode 12 called "An Emotional Rollercoaster," Jennifer and April helped Nick get ready. He wore a shiny purple shirt with a black vest, a long cape, and a hat for the special night.

Black eyeshadow

Even more, his wives put black eyeshadow on him to make him stand out. Fans who saw Nick in that outfit couldn't believe their eyes. Nick said that he chose the Denver Clock Tower to propose to Danielle because it was a well-known landmark in the city and he thought it would be a good place for a proposal. Danielle was surprised to see rose petals and a romantic scene set up on top of the clock tower. Nick didn't want to waste any time, so he said.

Danielle, will you marry us?

Just seeing this big clock here makes me think about time. How people feel about time is different. That is, it's different for each person. It's unique, and so is love. We each get to know love in our own special way. I'm glad to have all of you join me in making our own version of what love is. Well, Danielle, will you marry us? Nick, April, and Jennifer all asked Danielle 

Nick, April, and Jennifer all asked Danielle at the same time if she would be willing to marry them. The Seeking Sister Wife star was surprised by the proposal and started crying as she said yes. Seeking Sister Wife star's birthstone

Nick, Jennifer, and April asked her to marry them with a ring that had the Seeking Sister Wife star's birthstone. After Nick put the ring on her finger, the other sister's wives told her that each of the rings he had used to propose to them also had their birthstones. Danielle couldn't hold back her tears as she told them that she had never felt love like the kind they gave her and that it meant a lot to her.

The night ended on a great note

Jennifer said that the night ended on a great note when she told her story. April also said that it was an emotional night for Nick, Danielle, and Jennifer as well as for her. April also said that the proposal made something that they all felt in their hearts even stronger. Nick and his three sister wives were happy

Nick and his three sister wives were happy with how the night went, but fans were thinking about other things. Although fans have their own thoughts about Nick and his sister's wives' lifestyle, those who saw the most recent show couldn't get enough of Nick's favorite clothing for the event.

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