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Spoilers of The Bold and Beautiful for the week of August 22: Week of fights ahead

Spoilers of The Bold and Beautiful for the week of August 22: Week of fights ahead
Spoilers of The Bold and Beautiful for the week of August 22: Week of fights ahead

The week to come will feel like a night at the battles! Most current spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, August 22, through Friday, August 26, Brooke and Taylor take the gloves off, Ridge and Deacon enter the ring once again, and battlefronts are laid out among Hope and Thomas.

Brooke confronts in Monday Episode

In Friday's recap, Sheila makes a bloody admission, Deacon panics, Quinn and Carter get found canoodling, and Steffy and Finn revel in their affection. Carter and Quinn get busted kissing in the Forrester CEO's office. Yet again, Finn and Steffy show their extraordinary love for each other.

Brooke defies Taylor about the kiss she imparted to Ridge. We will get a rehash of the mud-shower tussle of '09, the waterway thunder of '10, or maybe the wedding cake battle of 2018. Whatever occurs, it's certain to approve our decision to remember La Logan and Doc for Bold and Beautiful's most extraordinary contentions. Minister's probation officer, Jordan, shows up unannounced, causing Deacon and Sheila into a terrifying parody blunder.

Sheila stays in Deacon's home

In Tuesday's spoiler, Deacon arranges with the she-demon, Thomas and Hope banter with Douglas, and Brooke hurls an allegation at Taylor. It will profoundly shock nobody to discover that Thomas and Hope differ about Douglas' drawn-out living plans. Taylor and Brooke trade humdingers over the ongoing circumstance between Thomas, Hope, and Douglas.

In Wednesday's episode, Sheila will not leave Deacon's home, Brooke illuminates Hope that they're enduring an onslaught, and the Forresters accumulate to celebrate family. Thomas surprises Hope by unexpectedly finishing a telephone discussion about Douglas.

When the Forresters assemble for supper to praise their family, we should be genuine: This will transform into a technique meeting about bringing Douglas back into the overlay.

The game of rivalries

Brooke owns up to Hope her doubt that Taylor is utilizing Douglas to get to Ridge. Will Hope talk her mom down, or will she mix the pot by concurring that the World-Renowned Psychiatrist? Elder hesitantly refuses Sheila's demand that they are flatmates with benefits.

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Hope is frightened by what she finds at Deacon's home. We're certain we'll watch the scene through spread hands with stunning articulations. Bold and Beautiful pairs down on its competition game as Ridge and Deacon quarrel over their associations with Brooke and Hope.

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