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The 1000-lb. Are the sisters taking a break before season 4? - TVThop

TV Series - Jul 28, 2022

The 1000-lb. Are the sisters taking a break before season 4?

The 1000-lb. Are the sisters taking a break before season 4?
The 1000-lb. Are the sisters taking a break before season 4?

The channel TLC is home to several wild reality shows that have attracted huge audiences. There's something unique about each of these shows, but at the moment, 1000-Lb Sisters is one of the most popular on the network. Starring the Slaton sisters, the show has gained popularity since it began airing in 2020.

Aside from some incredible transformations, it's featured everything from real medical scares to relationship drama. It has all occurred in its first three seasons, causing some to believe that the show will go wilder in the future. Those who are waiting for a new season are getting impatient, and they want to know if a fourth season is planned. Look at what's going on with the show and see what we can find out.

'1000 Lb. There Is A Popular Show Called 'Sisters'

It was two years ago that the Slaton sisters made their TLC debut with 1000-Lb Sisters. Fans of reality TV quickly became captivated by the sisters' viral clips, and the show became a must-see for those who enjoy the genre. The show began with Tammy and Amy on a weight-loss journey in hopes of accelerating the process with bariatric surgery.

Eventually, Amy would reach her initial goal and go through with the surgery. Tammy, on the other hand, remained behind. In the years that have followed, things have only gotten wilder. There has been a birth of a child for Amy, Tammy's weight fluctuates wildly, and there has also been relationship drama within and outside of the family.

During the first two seasons, fans were given an all-access pass into the Slaton sisters' lives, giving them the chance to follow their journey towards a healthier life. As a result of two successful seasons on the small screen, the show made a huge comeback for the third season, tipped to be even better than the previous two.

The third season was wild

Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters were treated to the most recent season beginning late last year. The season picked up where season two left off, and things became increasingly intense as time went on. Watching Tammy's health deteriorate to the breaking point was one of the most difficult things for fans to deal with during the season.

Meanwhile, Amy and her family found a new home, which fractured the sisters' relationship. In addition, there were other notable moments, some of which involved other siblings. Chris has also lost a ton of weight since the season started, as he is striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Tammy was back in rehab by season's end, Chris was still losing weight, and Amy was pregnant with her second child, to who she has since given birth. Many things have happened since season three ended, and fans are still waiting and wondering when a fourth season will air.

Are there any plans for a fourth season?

Is there going to be another season of the show on TLC? Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed as of yet."TLC has not announced a date or confirmed if the Slaton sisters will return for more episodes. Amy did note that she was not contractually obligated for the fourth season and was still eagerly awaiting word from the network," InTouch writes.

Having a growing boy has impacted Amy's willingness to continue the show, she said in an interview."I have been on the show for three years. At first, it was easy, but now that I have Gage it's hard. I feel like I'm being a bad mom when I'm working. He's always at Granny's when we're filming. I don't want to do another season because I am pregnant.

"In any case, she did provide an option for returning to the show."I'll probably be fine if they reduce my hours, but last year I worked every day for weeks, plus I was renovating a house, plus Gage, plus Tammy, plus my mom. That was just too much and I couldn't handle it. I can't discuss how much I'm paid, but that's my main job," she added.

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