News - Aug 16, 2022

The anniversary photos of Zach and Tori were mocked by fans of Little People, Big World

The anniversary photos of Zach and Tori were mocked by fans of Little People, Big World
The anniversary photos of Zach and Tori were mocked by fans of Little People, Big World

Some followers do not appreciate the love-centered posts of Little People, Big World's Zach, and Tori Roloff. It has been a long and interesting journey for the duo, but they have managed to stay together despite their ups and downs. Trolls shut down their anniversary celebration when they attempted to celebrate.

Since 2010 when she worked on Zach's pumpkin farm during pumpkin season, she has been dating the future mother of three. Despite both being shy, they were able to start a conversation and were able to have a great time together. In the show, Tori is often seen dressing up for dates that Zach takes her on, and they also spend time together at the farm. After four years of dating, Zach and Tori were married at Roloff Farms in April 2014. In their posts, the TLC stars often talk about their love for one another, and there has never been a time when they have looked back.

Amid Zach and Tori's anniversary celebration, love was in the air, but some followers couldn't help but mock the couple. Instead of congratulating the couple on their seven years of marriage, some critics condemned Tori for not standing by him during the messy feud with Matt Roloff. Also, viewers on Reddit raised questions about Zach's dirty Adidas shoes on Little People, Big World. Tori's lack of spell-check was even cast as a slur, as one viewer pointed out that she has two million followers. In the person's response, she wrote, "since this is her main job, she will have time to thoroughly spell check."

A jam-packed year has been ahead for the couple. In addition to welcoming their third child, Zach and Tori moved to Battleground, WA, and dissolved their relationship with Matt Roloff, Zach's father. As part of the season premiere of Little People, Big World, fans watched the father and son fall out. Many were shocked when Zach announced he would not take over the farm. Tori is upset by her father-in-law's actions even though the couple must present a united front.

Even with all the hate being directed at them, the Little People, and Big World stars enjoyed a lovely date together. A nice dinner date by the water followed Zach and Tori's photo shoot in front of their home. In the meantime, the couple plans to remain on the family show, so fans will be able to hear about their lives. In the next eight years, you can be sure that trolls will make fun of another post marking their anniversary.

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