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The 'General Hospital' Spoilers: What does Spencer have planned for Ease in Episode 214 of Season 59

The 'General Hospital' Spoilers: What does Spencer have planned for Ease in Episode 214 of Season 59
The 'General Hospital' Spoilers: What does Spencer have planned for Ease in Episode 214 of Season 59

'General Hospital, created by Frank and Doris Hursley, will air its 214th episode on July 27. With Esme Prince now back with her "Daddy", courtroom surprises failed romances, and secret reveals are engulfing the show. 

He seems to be losing his temper over Spencer Cassadine's plan to reveal Esme's birth mother's name and save Trina in exchange for revealing Esme's mother's name. The previous week was filled with a lot of surprises, and here are the spoilers. The moment Trina Robinson questioned Nikolas Cassadine, Jordan Ashford followed through for her.

In addition, a surprise witness is called to testify. She tracked down the fiend who sold her the burner phone previously. When he threatened to turn her over to the authorities, she drugged him. As for Maxie Jones, she reached out to Damian Spinelli's neck to make him admit that he was the mastermind behind Society Setups.

As for Cody Bell and Britt Westbourne, they are trying to start a relationship. As Spencer and Esme battle over Trina's safety and freedom, the former blackmails the latter. However, his plan is unraveling. After seeing a letter about her father, he should have thought Esme might know something about him.

To determine whether Spencer's deal is genuine or not, she turns to her secret source, her father, Ryan Chamberlain. As soon as Nikolas got her the internship back at Spring Ridge, she immediately made plans to see him. The entire Spencer story is told to her father, and she quips that she does not believe him.

When you're right, you're right, Ryan says. Trina was feeling particularly confident about her court appearances. The surprise witness, however, didn't prepare her for what was to come. Jordan heads to Wyndemere to help Trina question Nikolas Cassadine about Oz Haggerty and why he was there the day before.

Nikolas has no idea who Oz is, as those who know know. As Cody Bell attempts to charm Britt Westbourne, he fails. The poor soul is, however, willing to accept Maxie's help. She says that Society Setups might have gotten things right this time, which viewers are trying to understand.

During the process, she offers to help Cody deal with Britt, but it's unclear whether Cody wants to move on or not. The bartender at the pool refused to help Nina on July 26 when she decided to look the part of a hotel manager. Walking by, Sonny heard the conversation and didn't let it fly. 

He used the mobster persona to scare the guy into being nice to Nina. While Nina was impressed, she reminded Sonny of the times when he wasn't there, and Sonny compared it to how he would argue with Carly Corinthos over bigger issues and still move on. 

The prosecutor called out Officer Rory Cabrera in court on the second day of the trial, and Trina suggested he stay away. Curtis Ashford explained to Jordan how he found Oz almost dead from a drug overdose at the hospital. 

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