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The Love Island USA Villa BTS secrets revealed by Alex Stewart

The Love Island USA Villa BTS secrets revealed by Alex Stewart
The Love Island USA Villa BTS secrets revealed by Alex Stewart

Alex Stewart, the runner-up of Love Island USA season 1, has shared all the behind-the-scenes secrets with fans. As part of the first American season of Love Island on CBS, Alex joined the show. Arielle Vandenberg hosted the reality dating series at the time, and Matthew Hoffman provided narration.This season, the show changed networks to NBC's streaming service, Peacock, and the show's host was Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland. The show also adopted Iain Stirling as its narrator in place of Matthew, who was on Love Island UK.

Alex initially paired up with contestant Michael Yi, but after day six, she became smitten with Long Island native Dylan Curry. Michael was thrown out of the villa because of his relationship with the new bombshell islander. Fortunately, Alex's decision paid off as she made it to the season finale and was beaten by Love Island USA's Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli.

Fortunately, there are no hard feelings between Alex and Elizabeth, and the two have hosted After The Island together since the summer of 2020. As they recap season 4, they've invited Valerie Bragg and Tyler Radziszewski, who was eliminated from the show.

As well as posting recaps of Love Island USA, the former islander revealed some secrets that fans wouldn't learn from just watching.  Alex posted a video on TikTok addressing some of the most common questions fans have about season 1 of Love Island USA, including why islanders don't understand the time and date. The dates and times on the phones are all different.

There is often a glass of wine in a contestant's hand on Love Island USA, and Alex said the wine comes from a magic cabinet. According to the contestant, the producers tell them when it is time for wine, sometimes even allowing two glasses.

A shocking fact is that there are no cameras visible within the villa to the islanders. The villa has cameras throughout, and cameramen only come out during dance scenes and one-on-one dates to make islanders forget that they are being recorded. Alex revealed that male and female islanders must eat separately for their villa meals.

"We only have to prepare breakfast. Lunch and dinner are catered." Alex states that they eat alone with chaperones "because they do not want the plotline to go further, and they will not film us eating because it is not attractive."

Alex will have to make more videos like the one she posted to answer the thousands of questions Love Island USA fans have about the show. Even though there are thousands of questions about the show, the insights she offered are insightful. Even when the cameras are rolling, the islanders have so much to say to each other that it seems hard to imagine them eating in silence.

Aside from that, it's horrifying to think that hidden cameras watch them 24 hours a day, listening to everything they say and do. Alex should be able to shed some more light on her experience on Love Island USA soon because fans are adoring her video as it approaches a million views.

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