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The Real Housewives of Orange County's Sheree is enjoying life despite rumors that she is dating Martell Holt

The Real Housewives of Orange County's Sheree is enjoying life despite rumors that she is dating Martell Holt
The Real Housewives of Orange County's Sheree is enjoying life despite rumors that she is dating Martell Holt

While rumors swirl that Sheree Whitfield is dating Love & Marriage Huntsville's Martell Holt, Whitfield says she is simply "enjoying life." It was announced in Season 14 that Sheree Whitfield lost her ex Tyrone Gilliam in an emotional heartbreak.

After waiting patiently for Tyrone's release from prison, she was ghosted on camera. Sheree broke down in tears on the "She By Herself" episode after waiting hours outside in the cold for Tyrone who never showed up.

After following her long-distance romantic relationship with the ex-convict for years, fans were devastated. The last time Sheree worked full-time was in season 10, she gushed about Tyrone on the phone.

Throughout the episode, viewers could hear him speak about how he was going to treat Sheree once he was freed. It was a big shock to Sheree and the fans to see him do the exact opposite years later. In any case, it doesn't appear that Sheree is sulking in despair over Tyrone because she's already moved on to the next.

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Martell Holt, the star of OWN, is rumored to be dating Sheree. It appears their budding romance was confirmed by a workout selfie she recently posted with Martell. In regards to her relationship with Martell, Sheree said: "We just hung out and I'm enjoying life right now."

She cited a mutual friend as the person who introduced them and said they've already begun introducing one another to their friends and family. The She By Sheree brand is also being helped by Martell. There has been a reported relationship between Sheree and Martell for about two months. Tyrone's reconciliation with Sheree is out of the question since she is done with him.

However, given Martell's scandalous past, fans aren't expecting him to compare favorably to Sheree's ex-boyfriends. As soon as he revealed the affair he was having with his ex-wife Melody Holt in season 1, Martell became a villain on LAMH.

Since Martell betrayed Melody by cheating on her with a mistress, Arianne Curry, who he dated on and off for a few years, the show has chronicled their divorce and journey to a peaceful co-parenting relationship. In the aftermath of Martell and Melody's messy divorce, Arianne has become Martell's second baby mama.

The ladies' man status of Martell's show makes him accustomed to criticism. Martell might not be a good choice for Sheree if she is looking for a partner for a long-term relationship. There is a lot of confusion among fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta due to the dating rumors. Sheree's taste in men is controversial, according to many.

In addition to the African spiritual healer who told Kim Zolciak-Biermann that she would be in love and have more babies, Kandi Burruss that her husband was with her despite being single at the time, and Sheree that she would never get married again, others are recalling the African philosopher/healer who wished her well and said she would never marry again.


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