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There's a Christmas witch in the Santa Clauses series

There's a Christmas witch in the Santa Clauses series
There's a Christmas witch in the Santa Clauses series

An insider has revealed that Just Shoot Me! alum Laura San Giacomo has been cast in the upcoming Disney+ series The Santa Clauses. According to a source, San Giacomo will portray "La Befana," an Italian folklore character who delivered presents to good children on Epiphany morning. "Currently, she is residing in the Wobbly Woods in the North Pole."

The Santa Clauses is a television series revival of the 1994 movie The Santa Clause and its sequels, starring Tim Allen as Santa Claus. As per Disney+, Allen reprises his role as Santa Claus in the upcoming series "Scott reaches 65 years old and realizes that he will not be able to continue as Santa Claus forever," which premieres at some point on the streaming service.

"He suddenly seems to have lost his magic, and more importantly, he's got a family he'd like to bring to the real world, including his two children who have grown up at the North Pole, which could benefit from his saving them from living in the normal world." Mrs. Claus (aka Carol Calvin) and Bernard the Elf, played by Elizabeth Mitchell and David Krumholtz, are reprising their roles.

Additionally, Kal Penn, Rupali Redd, Devin Bright, Matilda Lawler, and Allen's own daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick make their acting debuts in The Santa Clauses. San Giacomo also had guest appearances on Saving Grace, NCIS, and most recently, a memorable appearance on the third season of Barry in which she played magazine writer Maya Gallo.

In addition to Just Shoot Me, San Giacomo has other TV credits on her resume, which include Saving Grace, NCIS, and Barry. In 1989, she won an Independent Spirit Award for her role in Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Disney+ will premiere The Santa Clauses later this year.

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