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There's a romance brewing between Joss and Dex on 'General Hospital'

There's a romance brewing between Joss and Dex on 'General Hospital'
There's a romance brewing between Joss and Dex on 'General Hospital'

The character of Joss Jacks has been a part of General Hospital since the beginning. Her parents are Carly Corinthos and Jax Jacks, so she has been an important character on the show. Joss has grown up and is experiencing the same feelings as her parents. The majority of Joss' drama takes place in her real life, which may undergo another shakeup shortly.

There's nothing romantic about Joss Jacks and Dex Heller's first meeting at 'General Hospital'

The current romantic relationship between Joss and Cameron Webber is at General Hospital. It has become huge news in Port Charles after a sex tape was released showing the couple's love life. As a result, Trina Robinson faces trial for releasing the tape despite Esme Princes's guilt.

In addition to the drama of the tape and trial, Joss is caught up in a bad situation involving her former stepfather, Sonny Corinthos. Upon stumbling across Sonny and the henchman Sonny Heller roughing up Felty, Joss is mortified and admonishes the two men. After she threatens to report them to the police, Dex uses his charm to persuade her to change her mind.

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They are expected to become one of Port Charles' newest couples, according to fans

There seemed to be something strange about Joss stumbling on Sonny and Dex. Many viewers thought that her judgmental attitude was a way for her to prove that she is her mother's daughter. The writers could, however, be setting up a potential romance between Joss and Dex.

Several General Hospital fans have pointed out that the two have chemistry on Twitter. According to one viewer, "this scene was interesting, makes you wonder if Joss & Dex become more than friends."The relationship between Joss and Dex seemed a little something special to me.

As Dex is working for Michael, maybe Joss is looking for a mature candidate," wrote one fan.“I see the chemistry between Dex and Joss. I see DOSS and JEX,” commented another commenter.“As it stands now, I believe Joss is going to probably get with Sonny's goon later,” said another user.

How will Joss Jacks and Dex Heller spend the rest of the year on 'General Hospital'?

There will be trouble for Joss and Cam if she becomes infatuated with Dex. Even though Joss loves Cam, Dex's tough and mysterious side captivates her. Even so, Joss will be surprised to learn Dex's secrets.

Sonny's demise is being plotted by her brother, Michael Corinthos, who she is unaware of working with. A blossoming romance will be put on hold by Michael since he won't approve of Dex getting close to his sister. However, Dex won't stop seeing Joss no matter what.

Despite this, Michael and Dex's plan may hurt the henchman's romantic advances. Speculation suggests that Michael and Dex's plot will backfire, resulting in harm to the Corinthos family. It will hurt Joss, and she will wonder how much she can trust Dex after their betrayal.


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