Samatha Diaz was diagnosed with an unidentified disease

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Posted on: 29 Aug, 2022

American Idol winner admitted to hospital with unidentified sickness

Winner of American Idol

Samantha Diaz, a recent 'American Idol' winner on ABC, claims she was hospitalized for an undiagnosed illness.

Just Sam

This week, Diaz, who performs as 'Just Sam,' posted updates on her time in the hospital on social media. Scale


A scale can be seen in what looks to be a doctor's office in one of the pictures she provided. 

Sam needs help

I need help. One hundred pounds is ridiculous, the caption on the picture reads.

Thanks, the fans

The 23-year-old praised her followers in a post on Friday, writing, 'I'm glad for the prayers, everyone. 


She went into more detail on Saturday, claiming that she had been suffering from the illness that had put her in the hospital 'for a time now.


She expressed anger about the 'misdiagnoses,' the constant testing, and the continuing agony.

Weary of pain

She posted her Instagram story, saying, 'I'm tired of feeling exhausted all the time. I'm tired of living like this every single day.

Diaz had left the hospital

2020's 'American Idol' champion was Diaz. Diaz sang around New York subway stations and trains before becoming famous on the reality television show.

Thank You!

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