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Bold and Beautiful: Watch Tanner Novlan and his wife tear up the dance floor with famous newlyweds 

By TvThop Team

Posted on: 29 Aug, 2022

After his terrifying near-death experience

After his terrifying near-death experience, Finn from Bold & Beautiful returns to his family and his job as a doctor, unaware that his crazy biological mother Sheila is still alive and still focused on him and his son Hayes.

Who is the bartender on Bachelor?

He is the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise and a past competitor on The Bachelorette, while she is recognized for playing the part of Haley on Modern Family.

Novlan shared some images

Novlan shared some images from the beautiful occasion, an outdoor wedding that happened at the nearby Sunstone Winery, on social media.

Novlan also released pictures of the Groom

Novlan also released pictures of the groom and other famous guests, including snowboarder Shaun White, a five-time Olympian and three-time Olympic gold medalist.

Who looked stunning in wedding attire?

Novlan and his wife also looked stunning in their wedding attire.

Celebrity sent his greatest Congratulations to whom?

The celebrity sent his greatest congratulations to the bride and groom on starting their voyage to Pluto and back before concluding his post with a hilarious video taken from the jam-packed dance floor and exclaiming, What a wedding.

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