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House of The Dragon Episode Recap: A New Queen Chosen As Betrayal Seeds Are Sown

By TvThop Team

Posted on: 31 Aug, 2022

The Rogue Prince

House of the Dragon's second episode, titled The Rogue Prince, took place approximately six months after the events of the premiere and opened with a disturbing scene at the Stepstones.

The Vital Royal Protection Group

The king's small council discussed the news of the Kingsguard's lord commander, who died in his sleep. A new knight must be appointed to the vital royal protection group, the king's Secret Service.

Crabfeeder By Powerful Figures

The Crabfeeder is backed by powerful figures in the Free Cities and uses brutal tactics to disrupt the Stepstones' sailing and shipping routes, the channels from which Corlys draws his wealth and power as the master of ships.

The Bested Daemon

It also didn't hurt that he is handsome, and both Rhaenyra and Otto's daughter, Lady Alicent, were smitten with him in the premiere episode when he bested Daemon in a joust.

Private Time With Viserys

Alice continued to spend private time with King Viserys at the behest of her father, in Otto's hope she might woo him after the queen died in childbirth.

The King Unite

Lord Corlys and his wife, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, also Viserys' cousin, offered their 12-year-old daughter's hand in marriage to the king to better unite their Houses, thereby strengthening the crown and realm, they asserted.

The Egg Selection

The outcast brother took the egg selected for Viserys' son, who died shortly after the queen.

The Egg And Retreating

Equally matched, Rhaenyra told her uncle to get what he wanted, he would have to kill her then and there. Daemon balked, giving back the egg and retreating to the castle.

The King Emotional Wounds

While the king attends to his emotional wounds, he is dealing with yet another physical wound on his hand after again cutting himself on the swords of the throne.

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