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What Excites Fans Of The 1000-Lb Sisters To See Tammy's Trach Capped

What Excites Fans Of The 1000-Lb Sisters To See Tammy's Trach Capped
What Excites Fans Of The 1000-Lb Sisters To See Tammy's Trach Capped

After Showcasing her capped

After showcasing her capped trach and surprising her followers, Tammy Slaton of 1000-lb Sisters gave a spontaneous health update. Since her near-death encounter in January, the TLC actress has been residing at a rehabilitation center in Ohio. Doctors took the difficult decision to install a breathing tube when her lung collapsed.

For the 35-year-old Personality

For the 35-year-old reality personality, losing weight has not been simple. Tammy hasn't met the requirements for her gastric bypass surgery because of "feeder" relationships, disruptive conduct, and a junk food addiction.

Amy was finally starting her own family

As her sister Amy Slaton Halterman reached her objective of having weight loss surgery, she was forced to watch helplessly. Amy was finally able to start her own family after the treatment. Tammy has taken a much-needed sabbatical from social media over the past year while she has been receiving treatment. It was revealed that she had scheduled her surgery for the end of the summer because she had done so well.

Tammy`s trach was covered

Since Tammy's trach was covered in a recent TikTok video, it appears that reports of an impending surgery may be accurate. Tammy accidentally displayed her recovering windpipe while chatting about her ex-boyfriend Phillip Redmond.

The fact about Tammy`s Trach

The fact that Tammy's trach has been removed and she is now breathing on her own is very positive news. Because the tube's top prevents air from entering, Tammy must breathe through her mouth and nose. This is frequently the last step before the trach is removed, which will satisfy fans of 1000-lb Sister.

Tammy`s absence from social media

Despite Tammy's absence from social media, she has been sporadically appearing over the past few weeks. In response to a question from a fan, Tammy recently said that Phillip was a good person, but not for her. Fans of the 1000-lb Sisters are aware that Tammy's ex-boyfriend frequently impeded her progress since he was so into "feeding." She now appears to be optimistic about the future, which is a complete 180 from before.

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There has not yet been a season's confirmation

A new season of 1000-lb Sisters has not yet been confirmed by TLC. But a few months ago, Tammy revealed that she had been visited by cameras while she was receiving treatment. Tammy made it obvious that she will be there with bells on, ideally without a trach in her neck, even if Amy isn't sure whether she'll be back for a fourth season.

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