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What happened to Christian Newman, Nick's son on 'The Young and the Restless

What happened to Christian Newman, Nick's son on 'The Young and the Restless
What happened to Christian Newman, Nick's son on 'The Young and the Restless

Known as the son of Nick Newman, Christian Newman inhabits a prominent Genoa City family. Having been missing for a while, people wonder what has become of him. A lot of drama has occurred in Christian Warner's life since birth.

He was born on October 7, 2015, and his mother is Sage Warner. But Christian's father is his brother Adam Newman. In Fairview, Sharon Newman was locked away in an institution, and Sandy drugged her into believing she was pregnant and gave birth to Christian while believing she was dead.

A new identity is revealed to Nick by Patty Williams

Sage believes Christian is dead, but Sandy gave birth to him while Sharon was locked up in Fairview. Despite Sharon and Sage's efforts, they found out that the baby was a switch, and Sage raced across town to tell Nick but ended up dying in a car accident. Patty Williams reveals Christian's former identity to Nick after Sage's death.

Sharon confesses when Nick learns the truth. Nick won custody of Christian after Sharon and Dylan battled for custody. Chrisitan's father, Adam, came to light over time, but Nick's love for the boy remained the same. Despite Chrisitan's alleged biological father, Nick raised him as if he were his son.

The Young and the Restless will see Christian return

Adam fought for Christian's custody when he returned in 2019. As a result of Adam's dirty play, he dropped his case and allowed Nick to raise Christian. The Young and the Restless have been without Christian since then. Other family members and Nick occasionally mention the boy. Her son remains close to Sharon even though she considers him her son today.

Christian Rosales needed Sharon's assistance with a school project earlier this year. Like many other Genoa City kids, the writers often move Christian offscreen until they develop storylines for him. The last time he was seen was two years ago, and fans wonder when he will return. Christian will inevitably return to The Young and the Restless at some point.

Christians may feel mixed emotions

Regardless of when he returns, odds are he will be older, probably in his teens, when fans see him again. Among the biggest storylines, the writers can develop for Christian is her paternity. Despite not realizing that Adam is his biological father, the boy could become devastated if he discovered the truth.

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Christian may feel mixed emotions after discovering his parents had lied about him. As a way of getting back at everyone, he may rebel. Adam and Nick would again be at odds over Christian, adding another layer of drama to Adam's family feud. Adam wants to be there for Christian, but Nick questions Adam's motives.

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