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What Heather Dubrow did to change RHOC for the better

What Heather Dubrow did to change RHOC for the better
What Heather Dubrow did to change RHOC for the better

There have been numerous changes and cast shake-ups on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County throughout its evolution, and fans believe Heather has also undergone changes over the years. The Real Housewives of Orange County was the first series in the Real Housewives franchise. Over time, it morphed into another form after starting out as one thing.

Productions have had to make adjustments to the cast on a regular basis in order to keep the show fresh. Heather Dubrow first appeared on the RHOC scene in season 6. In the history of the show, Heather's wealthy lifestyle had never been seen at that level. Fans of the show believe that her casting changed things for the better.

Heather's lifestyle was something that the other cast members of RHOC were not used to. There is no doubt that The Real Housewives franchise is a franchise that focuses on the lives of wealthy women in their respective cities, but the reality of a cast member with Heather's extravagant lifestyle is a bit of a departure from the norm.

Her huge mansion with two staircases and a chandelier was the first indication that she was different from her neighbors. However, it was not just her bank account that distinguished her from the other housewives. RHOC has reached new heights of entertainment during Heather's tenure.

Heather threw a huge party in season 7 to celebrate officially changing her surname to Dubrow. Besides a cake with Heather's new initials on it, it was over-the-top and included black, white, and pink decorations.

Alexis Bellino's friend Sarah Winchester took off a corner of the cake without asking Heather, and Heather firmly scolded her. After Sarah explained that she made the mistake because she has a "sugar problem," Heather gave her an Oreo and told her to relax.

Members of the Real Housewives cast undergo a variety of interesting and wacky treatments and procedures. In season 10, Heather's choice of therapy was perhaps one of the most unusual in the series. It involves attaching leeches to the stomach in order to ingest blood, which is then squeezed from the leech and applied to the patient's face.

The blood began to seep through Heather's clothes at a party thrown by Tamra Judge after her leech therapy went awry. She was less than impressed by Vicki Gunvalson's reaction when she explained herself to her. There was a feud between Heather Storms Beador and Shannon Storms Beador during Heather's earlier seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

 As a first-season character, Shannon did not seem impressed by Heather's wealth and they clashed multiple times. The tension arose after Heather swapped seats with Shannon while she was in the bathroom.

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Shannon confronted Heather about a rumor being spread about her then-husband, David, in the same season. Rather than be attacked in her own home, Heather quietly and politely requested Shannon to leave.


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