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What You Need to Know About The Kardashians Season 2

What You Need to Know About The Kardashians Season 2
What You Need to Know About The Kardashians Season 2

Having released ten episodes this April, Hulu's first season of The Kardashians has already attracted a large following. A second season is expected this fall, a testament to how well the Kardashian and Jenner families create content.

Kim Kardashian opened the first season of her reality show with a very successful Saturday Night Live show in which she famously kissed comedian Pete Davidson in a sketch, then began dating him shortly afterward.

Kim did discuss their love life on the show, so it's safe to assume that the second season will explore their relationship, which ended in August. Davidson has yet to appear on the show, but he did discuss their love life.

In the year since season 1 wrapped up, a lot has happened-Kourtney Affleck got married, Kylie and Khloé gave birth to children, and the Kardashian-Jenners took over the Met Ball. In addition to an unofficial ceremony in Las Vegas, Barker and Kourtney also tied the knot legally in Santa Barbara and had an extravagant ceremony in Italy.

There is a good chance at least one of these events will appear on the show. About a month before the whole family traveled to Europe, Kris Jenner implied as much in an interview with E News.“There's no telling what's gonna happen,” she teased. “It's worth waiting for.

The season premiered in July with footage showing Kourtney trying on her wedding dress, so hopefully, we will see her walk down the aisle. A Variety interview from March 2022 stated that Kim does not film reality content.“There hasn't been any filming with him,” she told me. “ It's not something I oppose. I just don't think it's what he does.

Kim, however, asked someone, maybe Davidson, if he was interested in taking a shower with her in the teaser for the second season. During season one, Kim was filmed speaking with him on the phone a few times, and once while he was off camera.

His voice did make an appearance but in a minor way. Davidson then appeared in a scene that everyone talked about in season two teaser footage, which included an invitation to Kim's shower. Accepting was exciting for him.

In addition to walking the Met Gala red carpet together and breaking up, the couple also had plenty of other big moments in recent months. Despite being brand-new, that development may not be cut for this season; however, it could have an impact on the final edit.

The birth of Khloé and Thompson's baby was announced at the same time as Kim and Davidson split. Therefore, if there weren't any cuts for the breakup, that's likely not to cut either.

Possibly it could discuss the public's reaction to finding out about the surrogate baby, who was planned before Khloe and Thompson split.

In the trailer, Khloé discusses "believing in love," which makes it seem as if her situation will at least be a talking point. A new episode will be released every Thursday during the second season, which premieres on Hulu on September 22, 2022.

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