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Why did Katharina Mazepa file a restraining order against Lenny Hochstein's ex?

Why did Katharina Mazepa file a restraining order against Lenny Hochstein's ex?
Why did Katharina Mazepa file a restraining order against Lenny Hochstein's ex?

Lenny Hochstein and Lisa Hochstein are going through a divorce in 2022, along with Lenny's new partner, Katharina Mazepa, filing a restraining order against Lisa. Drama is nothing new to the Real Housewives of Miami stars, and it appears their lives are full of it this July.

Despite tying the knot in 2009, RHOM's Lenny and Lisa announced they were divorcing in May 2022. Aside from Logan, the couple has two young children, Elle and Logan. A May 2022 article on Page Six reported Lisa was "blindsided" by the news. As well, Page Six confirmed via Lenny that they were getting divorced, although he initially denied the allegations to "protect his family".

Who is Katharina Mazepa?

In the wake of their divorce, Lenny made his way out with a new woman, a model named Katharina Mazepa, from Austria. The 26-year-old Katharina Mazepa is from Vienna and is from the Czech Republic. 2014 was her year as Miss Vienna.2014 was her year as Miss Vienna.

Lenny and Katharina have now formed a relationship, and Katharina said to Page Six in May that she is not to blame for Lenny and Lisa's divorce. You can find Katharina on Instagram at @katharinamazepa, where she has 1.7M followers. Her bio describes her as "100% natural" and "vegetarian.".

Katharina and Lenny Hochstein

In the past, Katharina and Lenny had both been separated from their spouses. Before her marriage to Shilo Mazepa, Katharina was married to another US diplomat. In Vienna, they met and married in Italy. Despite getting married in 2019, the couple separated after two years of marriage.

The divorce of Lenny and Lisa has been announced two months ago, and Lenny's girlfriend filed for a restraining order against him. In an article published by Us Weekly, Katharina confirms that she filed a restraining order against Lisa Hochstein on Wednesday, July 27.

Us Weekly attributes the reason to "bullying and harassment" by the Real Housewives star." Court documents further allege that the Bravo personality created fake Instagram accounts to post false rumors that Mazepa and Lenny, 55, had an affair before his divorce," the outlet writes.

Adding to her statement to Us Weekly, Katharina said that she wants to keep a "peaceful relationship" with her boyfriend and maintain her physical and emotional well-being”.Furthermore, Lisa has not issued a statement or responded publicly to the allegations.

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