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Why fans think Sutton Stracke has become the star of RHOBH

Why fans think Sutton Stracke has become the star of RHOBH
Why fans think Sutton Stracke has become the star of RHOBH

Sutton Stracke often finds herself in the middle of drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but many fans believe she is the show's star. Fans were drawn to Sutton's eclectic wardrobe with an array of quirky couture designer clothes when she appeared for the first time in RHOBH season 10.

When she called Teddi Mellencamp "boring" during a dinner party game, Sutton came across as a reserved southern belle. Sutton's intentions weren't malicious, but she soon became known for blurting out anything she thought.

The RHOBH audience wasn't familiar with Sutton at first. She had a hard time blending in with the other women and seemed overly sensitive to perceived slights. Kyle Richards' sister Kathy Hilton pretended to drink a martini in one gulp during RHOBH season 11.

Sutton felt singled out from the joke, while most housewives were in on it. Many RHOBH fans criticized Sutton for telling Crystal Kung Minkoff she didn't see color. When Sutton questioned Erika Jayne's role in the Pretty Mess star's legal scandal and refused to back down, she earned viewers' respect.

Several RHOBH fans have expressed their concern for Kyle and Lisa's blind support for Erika. However, Sutton was the only cast member to voice what the other cast members were afraid to say, a move that was applauded by fans. According to Reddit user Merci01, "Sutton had two options.

Follow the line and blend in with FFF. Don't cause waves, do not support her cast mates' fantasies...Or she could stand out by going against the grain and becoming a lightning rod for everyone's ire because she is refusing to conform." Many RHOBH fans agreed with this sentiment, and No_Ad3588 replied, "You are absolutely right." Though, in some ways, she makes things even harder for herself by showing empowerment and resiliency.”

While Erika's legal problems dominated RHOBH season 11, Sutton dominated season 12's storylines. Last season, she was again at odds with Crystal after she was accused of saying something racially "dark." It was her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen which also sparked the Elton John Gala-gate controversy with Lisa in RHOBH season 12.

Sutton was accused by Lisa of canceling her table; however, Lisa refused to be bullied and provided receipts to demonstrate the cancellation. Fans believed that Sutton, who had played the victim in previous seasons, finally stood up to her castmates and held her own.

Since her first appearance on RHOBH season 10, Sutton has made significant progress. At the time she joined the show, Sutton had recently gone through a divorce and had sold her house, which left her vulnerable and emotionally drained.

While some fans find that Sutton can be clumsy and awkward with her words, many also find that she has a refreshing honesty, and they respect her for not trying to conform to the housewives' lifestyle. RHOBH viewers are tired of Erika, Lisa, and Kyle's mean girl tactics and believe that Sutton is the true star of the show.

source: screenrant

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