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Why The Kardashians Are Disappointed With Instagram

Why The Kardashians Are Disappointed With Instagram
Why The Kardashians Are Disappointed With Instagram

Kardashian stars are not hiding their displeasure with Instagram's new changes, and some IG users are also dissatisfied. The popular photo-sharing app launched in October 2010 quickly became one of the world's most popular apps.

The platform has gone through many eras over the past decade, from over-filtered images of carefully crafted breakfasts to photoshopped bodies and vacation photos. As users remain on the app longer, they become more proficient at creating perfectly curated feeds for their followers. The Kar-Jenner family has mastered the art of enhancing their images and lifestyles on Instagram.

Presently, Kylie Jenner is the most followed woman on Instagram, and she ranks second in terms of a number of followers behind Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Compared to her elder sister, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Cosmetics founder has over 360 million followers.

Even though Kim has always been the most famous Kardashian and the inspiration for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the star finds herself in sixth place behind five other accounts. Kylie has often been credited with being the first member of the famous family to utilize Instagram to promote her brand, likely because she is the youngest.

Although Instagram has been popular for many years, the Kar-Jenners are becoming increasingly frustrated with the platform. The app has always been primarily a platform for sharing photos. The app caters to users who wish to share pictures from their day and photographers who want to promote their work.

The video-sharing application TikTok became popular in the early 2020s because so many people were bored while being quarantined. The TikTok app provided them with free entertainment that they were not receiving on Instagram.

Unlike Instagram, which filters an imperfect life through a perfect lens, TikTok offers users the opportunity to express themselves authentically. Instagram wishes to capitalize on the success of TikTok, and the Kardashians want to return to their old platform.

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Since video usage is on the rise on social media, Instagram has begun to prioritize reels over photos. TikTok's are basically reels on Instagram, and people often have seen the videos on TikTok before. Nevertheless, Instagram promotes them regardless. If they thought they could evade Kardashian criticism by "TikTokifying" their app, they were wrong.

Kim and Kylie both complained on their Instagram stories about the app's switch to promoting video content instead of showing their friends' posts. Several fans praised The Kardashians stars for the post, agreeing that Instagram should stop copying TikTok and remain true to what its users signed up for. "Make Instagram Instagram again," the post read, "Stop trying to be TikTok, I just want to see cute photos of my friends, everyone."

The platform needs to know that two of its most popular users aren't happy about its attempt to be the next TikTok. There's no doubt that Kim and Kylie are two of the most influential celebrities on the planet, and if they can't change Instagram's ways, then no one else will. Though it may be trying to evolve with the times, some users are tired of its clone-like behavior. 

If the Kardashian-Jenners fail to get their act together, the stars might find a new way to promote themselves on TikTok if they do not take advantage of Instagram. After all, it is the original video-centric app and not a carbon copy of Instagram.

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